Martin Hopley

The Adidas Tour 360 golf shoe has been a long time in development and is a worthy replacement for the excellent Z-Traxion Tour.

We have tried a lot of Adidas shoes over the years and the first thing you notice about this is how comfortable it is right out of the box compared to previous models.

The uppers appear very high quality and feel great as well as looking durable. The Tour 360 in-sole is the thickest we have come across in any golf shoe and provides very good additional comfort, which was always a problem with golf shoes in the past. It should also mould to the shape of your foot over time, so this should only get better.

The modified Z-traxion sole provides excellent support and traction and the new sole configuration reduces the amount of grass clogging up in the plastic spikes, without completely eliminating it.

Still it is a vast improvement on previous models in our test. The plastic spikes that come with the shoes have a little extra spike in the centre that is a good touch.

We think the designs look great, particularly the predominantly white ones. Adidas are onto a winner here with the Tour 360 golf shoe, a design that will stand the test of time in every aspect.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoe

Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch01 September 2005
Shoe StyleShoe
Sizes7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14
WidthsMedium, Wide
Colour OptionsWhite/Black/Red, White/Black/Gold, Black/Black/Silver
Manufacturer's WebsiteAdidas Website

User Reviews

Robert Holmes
June 2017

I bought a pair of Adidas Tour 360 Boosts last Wednesday. They looked the part and in the store felt really comfortable. I played the next day and by the 5th hold my left heel was hurting then the right. Subsequently after the round I have 2 massive deep blisters on my heels that will no doubt take weeks to heal. I had a pair of Callaway's previously and had no problem at all. I'm really disappointed because I can't play golf for a while and I liked the look of the shoes. Still undecided whether to take them back or try and soften the heel. I think it may be the heel design that doesn't suit my feet. They have a really high S shaped design.

Dave Vanster
November 2007

The Adidas Tour 360 golf shoes are a must have. Yes they are a bit hard to begin with and will cause a blister or 2 but they actually improve your golf. They are stable and you actually feel like you can rip the ball with your driver and stay anchored firmly to the ground. They are also super comfy to walk in and 100% water proof. I have played in driving rain and they kept my feet dry. The spikes also lasted ages.

mark dawson
July 2006

The Adidas Tour 360 shoes look awesome but are not very comfy though. They took ages to run in, the leather is rubbish and they aren’t water proof. Not worth the £100+ price tag.

James Douglas
July 2006

The 8/10 may look like I don't think much of the Adidas Tour 360 shoes, but I really do. The comfort is great and I think they are much more stable than some shoes, although probably not most of the top of the range shoes from other brands (just fairly similar). They also look great, coming in a great shape and design to wear with trousers and shorts. All of the other things that can be good about a golf shoe generally are. However, there are some minor weaknesses. I have had mine for six months now and they took me about 6-7 rounds to wear in, which I have not had with other Adidas shoes. Also, they have now started to crack rather a lot around the front of the foot, which I was surprised by, as I have not played that much and do look after my shoes (regular cleaning and shoe horns). Also, they are not the coolest shoe I have worn, having frequently found my feet to be sweaty when taking them off. The last thing is that the inside of the heel has started to wear a hole in them, which I am surprised at as I always undo the laces properly when I take them off, and putting them on. I may have to get a new pair soon. I hope this doesn't sound like I think the shoe is bad, because I don't, but I think it could be a bit more hard-wearing.

Paul Knight
November 2005

The Adidas Tour 360's are a little pricey for £120 but I think they are worth every penny. They have a kind of wrap around skeleton which hugs your foot and holds it in the middle of the shoe. The 3D gel pad insole moulds to your foot and after 2 rounds feels like a slipper. I have played in the sleet / snow / rain and my feet have remained warm and dry throughout. The only thing I would say is that they come up a little small. I normally take an 8 -8.5 and bought the Adidas Tour 360’s in a 10. All in all I think that they are great shoes.

Sam Morris
November 2005

If they are good enough for Sergio, they are good enough for me...or so I thought. Granted they are very stylish and comfortable but as for "The Adidas Tour 360 golf shoe comes with 100% Waterproof protection outside"...WRONG. I wore them for the first (and only) time on Sunday (30/10/05) during a winter league match, and my feet were completly saturated after 18 holes, very dissapointing for £120. I returned them to the 'pro shop' and got my money back.....I'll stick to FootJoy's in future....As for Sergio, I guess he dosen't play in the rain !!

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Media Reviews

Today's Golfer
November 2005
marketing the idea..have been thought about.

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