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The PGA Show is an absolute mecca for golf equipment nerds. From the biggest brands in golf, to innovative and eccentric entrepreneurs, pretty much the whole of the golf industry descends on Orlando every January for a look at the latest and greatest gear on offer.

2024 PGA Show Best Products

We've put together our list of some of the biggest, best and most interesting gear that we saw at the PGA Show this January...

Coming soon from Ping...

To kick off 2024, Ping unveiled their all-new Blueprint irons, with two stunning models aimed at better players, as well as the ultra-forgiving G430 Max 10K Driver.

They will also be adding to this in the coming months with an all-new wedge, and we were able to get some in-hand shots of the new S159 which has already been spotted in the bag of Tour players this season.

2024 PGA Show Best Products

We reviewed the Glide 4.0 Wedge a couple of years ago and we were really impressed with the consistency and spin rates, as well as the price tag which was much lower than the Glide Forged Pro.

Will this new model follow suit? We'll have a full review up on the site soon.

Can you use AI to improve your golf swing?

BAL.ON are a golf division within Continental, the manufacturing company best known for producing car tyres and other automotive parts.

They're aiming to change the way in which we look at golf training with the introduction of the Smart Kit, which uses wearable devices to analyse the way you swing and give you tips to improve, all based around balance and weight distribution.

For a closer look at how the technology works and whether it can really improve your game, check out Georgina's video review here...

The return of an icon...

Ben Hogan has been rescued yet again, this time by Golf Brands Inc, seeking to continue the legacy first forged by one of the game's greatest ever players more than 70 years ago.

Ben Hogan irons are direct-to-consumer, meaning that us golfers get them much cheaper than the biggest manufacturers charge. They range from the game-improvement Edge EX, all the way to the premium muscleback Icon.

Is this the #1 wedge in golf?

Vokey wedges are one of the most recognisable names in the golf equipment world, and they are used by both amateur and professional golfers all over the world.

2024 PGA Show Best Products

Full details of their latest model, the Vokey SM10 wedge, have just been released, and they will be available at retail from March.

Designed to produce a lower, more controlled ball flight with maximum spin, the SM10 is available in six different grinds and is priced at £169 per wedge.

Lasers were a big focus

Bushnell are undoubtedly the biggest name when it comes to rangefinders, so much so that you'll often hear people saying "Have you Bushnelled it?" when asking their playing partner about a yardage.

Their upcoming Pro X3+ seeks to maintain their position at the top and Bushnell say that it is their best ever product. With a price tag that is set to be around £500, we should hope so!

2024 PGA Show Best Products

One of the brands looking to buck that trend is Shot Scope. You may know them best for their shot tracking technology, including their fantastic X5 GPS Watch, but the Scottish-based company have also added laser rangefinders to their offering over the last couple of years.

A 'revolution in putting practice'?

Looking to improve your putting? PuttOut may just be the answer. Their training aids make it simple and fun to practice your aim, strike and pace control, and they're about to take things up another level with the new AirBreak technology.

We managed to get a sneak peek of it at the show, and it looks pretty special...

The best shoe in golf gets another upgrade

The Pro|SL has been extremely popular since it was first released back in 2016, and the new Pro/SLX model features even more technology than before to provide new levels of traction, comfort and control.

Meridian Putters

Meridian are a putter manufacturer based in the US, making them a bit of an unknown to us before this week. However they quickly caught the eye, particularly the all-gold Okatie blade which looked fantastic.

2024 PGA Show Best Products

Has anyone ever used one of these putters?


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