Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Most golfers who have taken a lesson will know what it is like. The instructor shows them what a correct, powerful backswing feels like and they leave confident of making progress. However, over time that feeling gets diluted, making it harder to ensure the new patterns are adopted.

This was a problem that Dan Frost, one of Europe's leading young coaches, recognised and set out to fix.

He had identified a recurring swing fault in the golfers he taught and set out to make, via his local DIY shop, a device that allowed golfers to feel true width and match up their arms and shoulder turn.

It proved so popular that the first prototypes became the Sure-Set golf training aid, all designed to make the backswing easy and help golfers able to perform the move on auto-pilot.

Sure-Set Training Aid

Mastering the backswing enables golfers to load and store more power ready to unleash into impact. Sure-Set trains the golfer to 'set' the club into the correct position with width on the correct plane for their swing and with the correct angles.

Using the Sure-Set in practice means the feeling you achieve in your lesson is continually re-enforced, allowing new motor patterns to be ingrained into your swing. Furthermore it transforms the process of learning from an analytical one, often complicated by technical thoughts, to a simple one of feel and trust.

Sure-Set Training Aid

The Sure-Set is flexible and can be set up in different configurations and widths to fit the size of the golfer and their style of swings. Through a variety of practice drills, it helps players by giving a continual reminder of how a bio-mechanically correct swing should feel as it also helps players understand the correct sequence of the downswing.

The Sure-Set has been been praised by some of the world's leading players including Miguel Angel Jimenez, Jason Dufner, Georgia Hall and Christina Kim and is being used by over 20 players on the European Seniors Tour.

As well as being an intuitive training aid, the movements also act as a great alternative to stretching before the round by improving the range of movement in the muscles key to the correct swing.

Sure-Set Training Aid

The Sure-Set can be used anywhere, at home or in the office, and its size and weight mean it is easy to transport, allowing you to adopt the effective 'little and often' approach to embedding a new technique.




Sure Set Sure Set Golf Practice Aid

Sure Set Sure Set Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

UK LaunchMay 2015
UK Launch RRP£80
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