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By Jamie Kennedy

As we enter winter, many golfers will be entering their clubs into hibernation storage for the colder months, choosing not to play when the weather is cold. However, with advances in base layers, specifically in golf, cold weather doesn't need to be the reason you don't play this winter.

Calvin Green has been making "Functional golf clothing for serious golf players" since 1997. Whether on Tour or in local clubs, their gear is worn in more than 20 countries around the world. Recently, they launched a new range of golf base layers.

The long-sleeve top, named East, and matching leggings, known as Elroy, were specifically designed to improve a golfer's performance in cold conditions. They join Galvin Green's existing golf base layer range, which includes 12 pieces in total.

We spoke with Galvin Green's Chief Designer, Mats Lundqvist, in Sweden to find out just what base layers, specifically the new Galvin Green range, means to the everyday golfer.

Galvin Green's Chief Designer Mats Lundqvist

JK: Thanks for your time Mats. When it comes to base layers, what is the main advantage to a golfer?

ML: Thanks for the opportunity to discuss guys. The main advantage of wearing a base layer is the warmth it generates to the body, which in turn helps golfers swing more freely and perform better in cold conditions. The base layer can also reduce the risk of muscular tears and strains. Our new Thermal base layer is the warmest ever produced by Galvin Green, but it also has excellent breathability and moisture transportation to ensure golfers don’t overheat.

JK: So how does designing a base layer for golf differ from other sports?

ML: Our golfing base layers tend to differ from other sporting base layers as they are designed to generate warmth to the muscle groups that are specific to the golf swing, like the upper back muscles and the shoulders.

JK: Are golfing base layers designed for golfers of all shapes and sizes?

ML: Base layers are made for golfers of all shapes and sizes – for instance, our new Thermal long sleeve top and leggings are available in six different size options.

JK: How important is it for a player to find the exact size for their body shape/type?

ML: It’s very important you get the exact fit of base layer for your body. If the base layer is too loose then the golfer won’t be able to benefit from the warming, high-tech fibres and may become too cold, whereas if the garment is overly tight it will become too restrictive to play in.

JK: In your opinion, what is the future of base layers in golf?

ML: There will be a greater choice of base layers for the golfer. For instance, in our current range we have performance-orientated, Compression base layers designed for playing in temperatures below 10°C or 20°C, but we also offer the less conforming Thermal base layer that focuses more on warmth. New colours, like our Electric Red – which is available with the Elvin top – are also more likely to feature in future garments.

A big thanks to Mats for his time and his advice on golf base layers. The Galvin Green Elroy and East layers are available now, with sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Each piece has an RRP of £55.

Galvin Green East and Elroy layers


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