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By Andrew Noyce

When we tested the PXG range of woods and irons recently it was clear this is a company with a new take on club design.

That's now been extended to the putter market with a new range of Milled Insert putters featuring the distinctive visible weighting technology found in the driver and irons.

PXG Milled Insert Putters

Milled from high-quality 303 stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminium the range has a model to fit every type of putting stroke and all of the putters make use of the same Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) plastic found in the company's PXG 0311 irons.

The TPE sits behind a soft billet milled 304 stainless steel face to provide an extremely solid feel at impact and support the high MOI design found across the models in the range.

PXG Milled Insert Putters

With the exception of the Gunboat model the TPE layer is 0.150 inches thick and in conjunction with the milled steel promotes a consistent feel across the entire face for improved playability. In the Gunboat putter the TPE extends the entire depth of the head in a very modern, high MOI mallet design.

All of the models are available in either a silver or a black finish.

PXG professional Billy Horschel put one of the Milled Insert putters into his bag straight away and explains why:

The best way to win tournaments is with your short game. I play the milled insert Mustang and absolutely love the way it looks, feels and most importantly plays.

PXG Brandon Milled Insert Putter

The Brandon is a modern anser style putter with a full-shaft offset and a mid-hang angle that will work well across a variety of putting strokes.

PXG Milled Insert Putters

Tungsten and titanium weights are positioned in the heel and the toe of the putter which can be customised for the exact requirements of each golfer, ensuring a square alignment and increased MOI.

The Brandon putter is available in three neck options: plumbers neck, heel-shafted and single-shaft.

PXG Dagger Milled Insert Putter

The Dagger is an old-school, classic blade style putter with a straight toe-down hang angle suited to players with an open-to-close arc style putting stroke.

PXG Milled Insert Putters

The putter has no offset and tungsten weights are positioned along the back edge of the putter to increase MOI making it a forgiving version of a classic design. The Dagger is available in either heel-shafted or centre-shafted models.

PXG Drone Milled Insert Putter

The PXG Drone is a modern high MOI mallet-style putter with a double-bend shaft that creates a full-shaft offset and a face-balanced hang angle making it ideal for players with a straight back and through putting stroke.

PXG Milled Insert Putters

The body of the drone is made from a low density-material coupled with high-density tungsten weights creating extreme perimeter weighting and a high MOI. Stable on miss-hits the Drone uses the titanium and tungsten weights as a unique alignment feature to help the golfers line their putts up consistently.

PXG Gunboat Milled Insert Putter

The Gunboat putter is an extremely high MOI, face balanced, mallet putter with a single bend shaft that creates a full shaft offset.

PXG Milled Insert Putters

Suited to players with straight back and through strokes it has added mass in the head to give more stability to reduce torque from shaky wrists and hands.

The Gunboat is available in two head weights, either 370 grams or 400 grams, with the heavier option optimal for players who like to use a counter-balanced grip.

PXG Mustang Milled Insert Putter

The Mustang has a striking design that uses a cross-T alignment system coupled with perimeter weights to make it easy to align correctly to your target line.

PXG Milled Insert Putters

PXG says this feature boosts confidence and increases the ability to hole putts, especially for players who struggle from a shorter distance.

The Mustang is available in three shaft options: a plumbers neck hosel creates full shaft offest with a mid-hang angle that suits a variety of putting strokes; a single-bend shaft creates a full-shaft offset with a face-balanced hang angle better suited for straight back and through putting strokes; the centre-shafted option is for players who prefer zero offset in their face balanced putter.

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PXG Milled Insert Putter - Product Details

UK LaunchJune 2016
UK Launch RRP£360
USA LaunchJune 2016
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsitePXG Website

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