Dan Box
By Dan Box

Are you somebody who goes on frequent golf holidays, or is planning one in the not-too distant future? Big Max could have the perfect accompaniment, with the creation of their new Spine accessory set to ensure that your clubs are well protected during transit.

We all know somebody who has set off for a golf holiday, only to arrive to find that their clubs have been damaged or broken at some point along the way.

Big Max Spine

That's where the Spine comes in. Rather than having to pay hundreds of pounds extra for a heavy-duty travel case with huge amounts of padding, Big Max says that this clever device can do the trick for you.

The Spine is an extendable rigid support, which sits in the golf bag and can then be extended upwards above the height of your longest club.

Big Max Spine

There's an octagonal cap at the top which rests against the top of any travel cover, whilst the aluminium tubing supports the bag and creates a gap between the clubs and the top of the cover without adding excess weight.

Priced at £29.99, Big Max says that this is the ideal simple innovation to go alongside one of their popular travel covers to give your gear some extra backbone, and guard against the more 'enthusiastic baggage handlers'.


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