Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Swede's know a thing or two about cold weather and Oscar Jacobson, with a 112-year heritage, know more than most.

When the mercury in the thermometer starts to fall but it's still possible to get out onto the golf course, clothing that keeps you warm without restricting your swing is essential.

Heat retention without any additional bulk is at the heart of Oscar Jacobsen's popular PrimaLoft range with the jackets using an ultralight yet extra warm padding material to regulate temperature without hampering the swing with extra bulk or weight.

Oscar Jacobson PrimaLoft Range

The two existing jackets in the range, the popular Mulligan and Manny jackets, are continuing into 2016 giving golfers the choice of either a full-zip or half-zip option that are ideal on days when the major factor to consider is wind chill.

For the first time these full sleeved options are being joined by a new sleeveless gilet that Oscar Jacobson has called the Marcel, and is made from the same 100% polyamide fabric with 'dry touch' coating on the inside and a rib-stop surface on the outside.

Oscar Jacobson PrimaLoft Range

The Marcel is joined in the range by a long sleeved shirt called the Philip, that shares the same fabric technology and is intended to be worn off course by players who love the PrimaLoft look and feel.


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