Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Those of you with a classical education will know that Zelos was the Greek god of rivalry.

Nippon say it chose this as an inspiration for the N.S. Pro Zelos 8 golf shaft to encourage competiveness among steel-shaft users who relentlessly seek progress, despite having swing speeds that previously may have been better suited to graphite.

Nippon N.S. Pro Zelos 8 Golf Shafts

Increasingly players with slower swings are turning to graphite for its lightweight properties. We explain in our Golf Shaft Buying Guide the trade-off's between steel and graphite and it is this area Nippon is looking to exploit with its ultra-lightweight steel shaft.

Steel shafts are more stable than graphite, but the extra weight makes them harder to generate clubhead speed. The Zelos 8 gets around this by using a cutting-edge steel they have developed called NZNS60.

The shafts weigh between 84 and 87.5 grams depending on flex (they are available in regular and stiff) and are ideal for golfers with an average 7-iron swing speed of between 75 and 85 mph.

Nippon N.S. Pro Zelos 8 Golf Shafts

Hiro Fudaka, Sales and Marketing for Nippon Shafts explains the benefits this can give golfers:

By taking the playable, lightweight characteristics of graphite and fusing them with the shot-by-shot consistency of steel, the Zelos 8 represents the second iteration of our innovative Zelos series. As a result of swinging a lighter shaft, golfers are able to increase their swing speeds and generate more distance with every iron in their bag. Swinging an ultra-light steel shaft provides the kind of reliable consistency that cannot be obtained with a graphite shaft.

In addition to the weight profile the Zelos 8 shafts have a low kick-point and an evenly distributed rigidity that gives ample flexibility from the tip to the butt of the shaft. This makes them the ideal choice for golfers currently playing steel shafts and wants to remain with steel or has already switched to graphite but wants to return to steel without giving up the light-weight advantages of graphite.


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