Jamie Kennedy
By Jamie Kennedy

Soft hands. Golfers hear all the time that soft hands can help improve their swing and their feel around the greens. Well now may be the time to get a grip, and Golf Pride may have just that grip.

Their new CP2 grips are the softest grips the company has ever made.

Golf Pride Control Core Grips

The CP2 is available in two models: the blue CP2 Wrap grip and the red-detailed CP2 Pro. The Wrap version is designed specifically for players that like the soft feel and comfort of a classic wrap grip, whilst the Pro model features a straight, textured feel.

So how does one actually measure "softness"?

We asked Golf Pride and they explained that they use a trusted durometer, which is the standard in the rubber industry for reading the firmness or softness of a rubber. The new formulation they have used in the CP2 grips is 31% softer than any grip in Golf Pride have previously made.

However, the real secret to the CP2 grips is hidden on the inside.

Golf Pride Control Core X-Ray

Golf Pride have added a 2.5-inch, firmer-rubber compound inside the grip, named the 'control core stabilizer'. It is positioned inside the top of grip where the largest amount of swing pressure is received.

Golf Pride say the new core allows the soft rubber to perform on par with firmer grips whilst also reducing torque by 41%, compared to the same grip without the core.

Brandon Sowell, Golf Pride's Global Sales and Marketing Manager, said:

Consumer testing validation was instrumental in the performance development of the CP2 line. As soon as players took a swing, they could feel the Control Core benefits. Players commented that the fantastic feel and control immediately transferred to a high level of confidence as they stepped up to the ball.

Away from the top of the grip, Golf Pride reduced the taper, essentially increasing the diameter of the lowest part of the grip. Golf Pride say this small, but key, alteration encourages a lighter grip pressure and can also make gripping the club more comfortable for players with arthritis.

Golf Pride Control Core Grip Tapering

Both Golf Pride CP2 grips will be on sale in early April 2014 at selected shops and pro shops. Each is available in three different sizes, standard, midsize and jumbo, to ensure the best fit for you hands and swing.


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