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By Andrew Noyce

Renowned for keeping you warm and dry on the course, thanks to outerwear such as the innovative C-Knit range, Galvin Green also boasts an extensive summer polo shirt line-up designed to keep you cool on the course when the mercury rises.

For summer 2017 the official supplier to the 2018 European Team has launched a range of 38 golf shirts, half of which use its new Ventil8 Plus technology, bringing garment breathability and comfort on the course to another level.

Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus Golf Shirts

The shirts sit in the Cool Layer of of Galvin's Multi-Layer Concept that aims to make playing golf as comfortable as possible in all weather conditions.

Greg Pearse, Managing Director in the UK & Ireland explains:

At Galvin Green we exist so that serious golfers can perform and enjoy their golf no matter what the weather. We’re renowned for our industry-leading waterproofs, but our obsession with innovation and quality applies across our entire Multi-Layer Concept. We had a great year with shirts last year and have chosen to extend the range this summer and add even more garment technology to maximise performance.

Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus Golf Shirts

Ventil8 Plus shirts are manufactured from 100% polyester and ready to be worn soon after washing. The stylish shirts offer an extremely high level of breathability and incorporate outstanding moisture wicking properties that allow excess heat to dissipate quickly for maximum comfort in the hottest playing conditions.

Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus Golf Shirts

The shirts also feature improved ventilation thanks to body mapping technology, which allows Galvin Green to look at every garment down to the smallest element, including the cut of the shoulders and shorter sleeves shaped to minimise restriction when swinging the club. The shirts also offer UV protection of 20+ so golfers can fully concentrate on their game whatever the temperature.

Colour is also to the fore in the new range with the Ventil8 Plus range including eye-catching and stylish shirts such as the short sleeve Mike and the more sporty design of the Mitchell. The Mike comes in four block colours colours – White, Navy, Black and Iron grey – with a striking colourway across the shoulders and down the sleeves in Deep Barolo red, Deep Ocean blue, Iron grey or Apple. The Mitchell features a two-tone pattern across the chest and is available in five different colourway choices to match any Galvin Green Ventli8 trousers or shorts.

Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus Golf Shirts

Other shirts in the range are the Mac which is available in eight block colours and the Melvin which is made from a hard-wearing 81% polyester and 19% cotton fabric mix and features a distinctive design over the shoulder and down the back.

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