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When Galvin Green came to the market in the 1990s, their products were noticeable not only for the technical performance but also their stand out looks.

To continue this ethos and widen the range, the Swedish company briefed a specialist designer who has spent the last 3 years perfecting a range of 16 items as Brand Manager Nicholai Stein explains:

The Edge range reflects the feedback we’ve had from younger golfers who are very keen to be seen wearing Galvin Green branded gear both on and increasingly off the golf course. Until now, Galvin Green has been all about high performance clothing using the most advanced fabric technology in fashionable colours, but Edge is all about cool looking gear you can wear anytime, that also really performs when you choose to play golf.

Galvin Green E-Insula Wave Pullover

Known across the golfing world for their endorsement of the layering concept, the Edge collection is present in a number of different garments to keep players looking cool and performing well no matter the conditions.

The Edge range will benefit from new theming using camo-style colour combinations including black, grey, green and red, with belts and caps to match.

Amongst the ultra-protective Shell Layer garments in the Edge collection is a waterproof Gore-Tex full-zip jacket, with a mesh lining and E-llusion lightly padded collar complete with eye-catching 3D pattern.

Galvin Green E-Llusion full-zip jacket

There is also an extra lightweight Gore-Tex Paclite Technology jacket which has stretched fabric and an E-Triangle Iron tailored fit ensures breathability whilst playing, along with protection from the elements.

Galvin Green E-Triangle Iron Jacket

The new hybrid range of Shell Layer clothing, Interface-1, enjoys a restyling in two different models in the Edge collection. The E-Cam Printed full-zip jacket comes in an embossed look with red accenting on the wind panel. The E-Golf Base windproof jacket features zip and button down options and has a quilted collar. It is also water repellent and the 100% polyester stretch fabric allows you to swing unhampered.

Galvin Green E-Golf Base windproof jacket

The Insula jackets are perfecting for maintaining warmth during the round and come in three options. The all-black E-Insula Patchwork, the contemporary E-Insula Wave pullover in black and white with front pouch pocket and the Insula GG Logo sweatshirt provide premium quality weatherwear for younger players who take pride in looking their best out on the course.

Galvin Green E-Insula GG Logo Sweatshirt

The E-Black Trousers ensure a contemporary feel through a bold white stripe down each side and complement the other garments neatly.

Galvin Green E-Black Trousers

The camo-styling of the Edge collection really comes into its own with the cool layer Ventil8 Plus short sleeve shirts, which are highly breathable and are available in white, red, grey and black with red.

Galvin Green E-Red Shirt

Completing the collection are the accessories, with Red and Green caps complete with the Galvin Green logo, along with an E-Camo belt and bandana.

Galvin Green E-Cap Green

The Edge collection's pricing is at the top-end for golf clothing, ranging from £35 for the bandana to £420 for the E-llusion jacket, so when it hit the shelves on 1 August 2018 Galvin Green are hoping it will have the performance edge on other premium fashion brands.

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