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By George Stead

Here at Golfalot HQ, we've been trying to look on the bright side of things during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Yes, it may be hard to realise it right now, but there are some positives to take from all of this indoor-isolation-madness.

Firstly, as we've previously discussed - just think how good your golf course will be by the time you get back to it. At least three weeks of not one single shot being hit, not one single divot or pesky unrepaired pitchmark - especially at this time of year, courses around the world are bound to be in pristine condition when the time comes that we can get back to playing them.

Secondly, thanks to the ever-powerful digital age that we live in, a deluge of great golfing instruction tips and tricks have surfaced from the different corners of the golfing world. Professional golfers have taken to social media in their numbers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it - professional golfers are on there posting something that could help you know more about the game and how to play it.

Amateur golfers are not the only ones stuck indoors wishing they could be out and about, the pros are well and truly stuck indoors too! Ok, you may not have the home studio, indoor gym, putting green, golf simulator and short game area in the back garden that the most of the stars on the European Tour and PGA Tour have, but I'm sure you can figure out a way of making it work...

If you're looking for some extra isolation inspiration to keep you busy in the house or garden, why not check out our '#GolfAtHome: Best of Social Media' blog to see if there is anything you can keep your self from running up the walls, or trying something as absurd as cleaning or even cooking! Pffffffffffft.

Here's our list of the 'Best Online Golf Tips From Professional Golfers'. I know, I've always had a knack for creating catchy headlines for articles.

1. Padraig Harrington

In the weeks leading up to the global lockdowns, 3-time Major winner and short-game magician Padraig Harrington started to post short instructional golf video tips in partnership with the European and PGA Tours. Since the coronavirus has heightened, it seems that these tips have become a much more regular feature on Padraig's social media feeds.

The odd joke aside, free golf lessons from a 3-time Major winner? SIGN ME UP!

Bunker Lesson

Playing From The Rough

Find Harrington on Twitter here

2. Luke Donald

Luke Donald surprised a lot of people when he rose to the top of the world golf rankings in 2012. But, if you get to the pinnacle of golf, you clearly deserve it. It's no easy task...

Luke Donald reached such heights through hard work, playing to his strengths, and doing the basics right. That's why he's number 2 on our list of professional golfers to check out during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a lot you could learn from England's very own LUUUUUUUUUKE!

Simple Indoor Pitching Drill

Shallowing The Club From The Backswing

Find Donald on Twitter here

3. Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith may not be the biggest name on the European Tour but he sure is using the time wisely to hone his putting skills at home!

Why not try this little putting drill to work on your pace putting and distance control on the greens?

Pace Putting

Find Smith on Twitter here

4. Richard McEvoy

Who would of ever thought that basketball and golf could come together to help you improve your pitching? Certainly not us, but European Tour pro Richard McEvoy is showing another way that using household activities (like the kids' basketball hoop) can actually be used to work on your short-game.

However if you're not the most confident pitcher in the world, just make sure the neighbours aren't self-isolating in the garden next to you...

Pitching Accuracy

Find McEvoy on Twitter here

5. Raphael Jacquelin

Using Alignment Sticks

This could be the perfect time to get those old alignment sticks out of the garage that you got as a Christmas present and never got round to using. Here Raphael Jacquelin shows you one simple way of improving your swing whilst using them.

Find Jacquelin on Twitter here

6. Jack Nicklaus

Last but certainly not least, even the Golden Bear has taken to Twitter to post some archive golf tip videos! What could be better than sitting down after a hard day of working from home and assessing your grip, whilst the greatest golfer of all time (possibly...) shows you how it should be done properly. Thanks Jack.

Having The Correct Grip

Find Nicklaus on Twitter here

So there are some of our favourite golf instructional videos floating about on social media since all the coronavirus stuff kicked off. Instead of settling for the next Netflix series, why not give some of them a try and you never know, by the time all of this is over - you might just have learnt something!


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