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If you ask golfers what Cleveland Golf are best known for, you can bet that the majority of them will say wedges, and their RTX range has consistently been one of the most highly-regarded since they first hit the equipment market back in 2012.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

For 2020, Cleveland are introduced a stripped down version of the RTX called the ZipCore which, as the name suggests, is built from the inside out with a focus on improvements to the club's core to aid performance.

The main innovation of the RTX ZipCore is the low-density core at the heart of the wedge which optimises the centre of gravity, whilst also improving the MOI in the high and low areas of the face, for more forgiveness and stability regardless of strike location.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

As a result, the ZipCore allows you to find that enlarged 'sweet spot' more often which provides more consistent spin, feel and distance with every shot.

The new ZipCore wedge also contains Cleveland's new UltiZip Grooves, which are 11% sharper and 7% deeper than previous generations, and 7% closer together to improve your contact with the grooves.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

The result of these new enhancements is that golfers can enjoy increased spin rates and more consistent spin performance from any condition on the course.

In order to ensure that the grooves do not wear too quickly, the RTX ZipCore features a new heat treatment which boosts durability whilst maintaining spin performance for every round.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development, commented:

The new RTX ZipCore is a technological leap forward for Cleveland wedges. We've inserted a low-density core inside the clubhead, allowing us to create a wedge with unprecedented consistency and exceptional feel. They also feature our tour-proven grinds and most aggressive groove technology to date, packaged in a sleek yet traditional design.

Key innovations inside the Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge:

  • ZipCore: ZipCore shifts the centre of gravity while raising MOI, adding spin, enhancing control, and boosting consistency on all your shots.

  • UltiZip Grooves: These grooves are sharper and deeper, delivering maximum spin performance. They bite harder, channel more debris, and they're closer together for more groove contact on every shot.

  • Heat Treatment: A new heat treatment process increases ZipCore's durability, delivering better performance over a longer period of time.

  • Tour-Authentic Components: RTX ZipCore comes standard with the new True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue shaft and the most popular grip in golf - the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360.

The RTX ZipCore wedges are offered in a wide range of lofts with three different sole grinds.The Mid grind is offered between 46 and 60 degrees, the Low sole grind in 56 to 62 degrees, and the Full sole grind in 54 to 60 degrees.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

They are available in a Tour Satin finish, with additional options coming later in the year. They will be priced at £139 for the standard finish and £159 for the raw finish, and will be available from September 2020.

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