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Cleveland's game-improvement Launcher range is returning in 2022 with a whole new family of products which aim to provide distance, forgiveness and easy launch so that you can get maximum enjoyment from your golf.

Cleveland Launcher XL Drivers

The new Launcher XL Drivers seek to do exactly what the name suggests - launch the ball. It is 6.7% longer front to back and features an 11% increase in MOI compared to the previous Launcher HB Turbo.

Cleveland Launcher XL Range 2022

This delivers more forgiveness with a higher launch, providing a 27% tighter dispersion area to get you in play off the tee more often.

The driver features Rebound Fame, with alternating zones of flexibility and rigidity, directing more energy into the golf ball on each drive and therefore giving you more distance.

The Launcher XL features an adjustable hosel which allows golfers to fine-tune their launch angle, distance and shot shape with 12 potential loft positions.

An 8g Action Mass CB weight is placed inside the end of the grip, to help square the face up to the ball more consistency for better accuracy and better control.

The Launcher XL range also includes two other drivers.

The Launcher XL Lite model is aimed at players who prefer a lightweight option, helping them to generate more swing speed. It features the same XL Head Design and Rebound Frame, combined with a new Lite-Weight Design.

Cleveland Launcher XL Range 2022

This saves 12g of weight compared to the standard Launcher XL Driver, while maintaining max forgiveness.

Finally, the Launcher XL Draw model is designed for those golfers who struggle with the dreaded slice, helping to take the right side of the golf course out of the play.

Launcher XL: £379, 9°, 10.5° and 12°. Launcher XL Lite: £309, 10.5°, 10.5° Draw and 12°. Launcher XL Lite Women: £309, 12°.

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Fairway Woods

Cleveland are claiming that the new Launcher XL Fairways are the most forgiving and confidence inspiring that they have ever made.

They are built with a larger overall framework, with Halo perimeter weighting and increased MOI to give you added forgiveness on every shot.

Cleveland Launcher XL Range 2022

A new innovation this year is Gliderail: two rails running along the sole of the club which help to keep the face straight during impact, for better ball striking both from a tee or the deck.

Like the driver, the fairways feature an improved Rebound Frame structure. A flex zone in the face, and second flex zone in the body of the club, direct more energy into the golf ball to increase ball speed and distance on every shot.

There's also the same Action Mass CB weight placed into the grip, whilst a HiBore Crown Step lowers the height of the crown, which drops the centre of gravity and therefore improves launch.

This year sees the introduction of an all-new Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood, which is a club that sets up like a hybrid but provides fairway wood-style speed and distance.

Cleveland Launcher XL Range 2022

"Designed to set up like a hybrid for confidence inspiring precision but built closer to a fairway wood for better swing speed and distance, the Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood is the perfect go-to club for maximum second shot distance and control."

Joe Miller, European Product Manager, Cleveland Golf.

Launcher XL Halo Fairway Wood: £219, 14°, 18°, 21°. Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood: £209, 18°, 21°, 24°, 27.

Cleveland Launcher XL Hybrids

The new Launcher XL hybrids feature a number of different key innovations to provide the all-important combination of distance, launch and forgiveness.

The hybrids have the highest MOI ever in a Cleveland hybrid, with the XL head design providing a friendly shape that delivers lots of stability.

Cleveland Launcher XL Range 2022

There are three Gliderails along the sole of the club, helping to keep the face straight during impact for optimal ball striking no matter what the lie is.

Flexible zones in the face and the body of the club make up the Rebound Frame, which work together to direct more energy to the golf ball which increases ball speed and distance.

Like the driver and fairway woods, the Launcher XL Hybrids features an 8g weight in the end of the grip to deliver more balance and give you more control without any added effort.

A HiBore Crown Step brings the height of the crown down, which drops the centre of gravity and promotes a higher launch.

Launcher XL Halo Hybrid: £189, 18°, 21°, 24°, 27°.

Cleveland Launcher XL Irons

Both the Launcher XL and XL Halo irons are game improvement irons which are designed to give players a reliable ball flight and consistent control.

Launcher XL irons are ideal for players seeking forgiveness and accuracy in one set, with hollow body long irons for distance and forgiveness and cavity back short irons focusing on precision.

Cleveland Launcher XL Range 2022

The irons see a 15% increase in MOI compared to the previous Launcher irons, helping golfers to gain forgiveness and more shots that find their target.

A MainFrame club face uses Artificial Intelligence to find the optimal shape and weighting for each club face. There's a variable thickness pattern behind each face, which maximises COR and ball speed to give you more distance on every shot.

The Action Mass CB weight is placed inside the end of the grip, whilst a V-Shaped Sole provides an elevated leading edge which is said to glide through the turf with less drag than a typical flat sole. This helps to maintain speed and power through the turf on shots where you catch the ground before the ball.

Cleveland Launcher XL Range 2022

The 4-7 irons have wider, flatter grooves, while the 8-SW have closely spaced, deeper and higher spinning wedge grooves.

Cleveland has also developed Accuracy Build, a custom configuration that is half an inch shorter without counterbalancing in the grip, to give you even more control.

Launcher XL Irons: 6-piece steel £499, 6-piece graphite £599.

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Irons

"From head to grip, Launcher XL Halo Irons just make golf easier and more fun. Most of us don't have much confidence standing 170 yards out with a long iron in hand, and needing to carry a bunker to make the green. But with Launcher XL Halo, you'll swing easier, feel confident, and be shocked at how forgiving they are. These irons will become your go-to clubs.'"

The new Launcher XL Halo is a hybrid-iron set which features Cleveland's highest MOI ever, with an increase of 17% compared to the previous generation of hybrid-irons. If you're looking for an iron which can improve forgiveness and launch, these could be for you.

Cleveland Launcher XL Range 2022

A new MainFrame iron face uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver variable face technology, which increases ball speed, while a unique weight pad design to ensure maximum forgiveness on strikes right across the face.

Gliderails on the long irons deliver better turf interaction, while the V-Shaped Sole in the mid-to-short irons cut through the turf more effectively for a cleaner contact.

Cleveland Launcher XL Range 2022

The 4-7 irons have wider, flatter grooves, while the 8-SW have closely-spaced, deeper and higher spinning wedge grooves.

Launcher XL Halo Irons: 6-piece steel £499, 6-piece £599.

The Cleveland Launcher XL range is available across the UK/Europe from 25th March 2022.

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