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Arccos Golf, known as one of the pioneers of using Artificial Intelligence to help golfers improve their game, has announced the Arccos Caddie Link as their latest product. The innovative new feature of this device is that it is small, lightweight profile means that it is wearable, and allows golfers to automatically capture shot data without having to carry a smartphone on the course.

Arccos Caddie Link

The Link (RRP £89.99/€99.99) is compatible with iPhone and Android devices and pairs with the Arccos Caddie app and club sensors. The Link can be worn on a player's belt, waistband or pocket, and tracks shots in real time with the club you used and the precise location on the course of every shot.

Arccos Caddie Link

It then automatically transfers the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth either during or after the round.

Steve Obsitnik, Arccos President and COO, commented:

"The demand for this product is massive and its launch is an exceptional engineering achievement by the Arccos team. We've basically minaturised a smartphone and removed the screen in order to serve the needs of current and prospective Arccos members who don't want to carry a phone in their pocket or wear a watch. The added benefit is that any player using Arccos can also listen to music or take swing videos during their rounds."

The Link weighs less than 25 grams whilst being extremely compact, and offers a 10-hour battery life that can be quickly charged via a standard micro USB cable. There's also the ability for the players to mark the hole location on each green by simply pushing a button whilst standing next to the pin.

Arccos Caddie Link

The Link units are available from 15th July and is designed for use with second and third-generation Arccos sensors, including all Cobra and Ping smart clubs, Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors and Arccos Caddie Smart Grips.

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