By Golfalot
This competition is now closed. But don't worry - we've got more competitions for you to enter.

Puma Golf is built on the idea that if you look better, you feel better, and ultimately you'll play better. This month, we're giving you the chance to win that look. Simply caption this photo of Rickie Fowler and the entry that makes us laugh the most will win a Puma Golf outfit including a colour coordinated polo shirt and trousers.

March Caption Competition

Congratulations to Marshall Moyes for his winning caption:

I feel rain, pass me the really big hat!

The best of the rest:

  • “Why's he making pyjama jokes?” - emily

  • “I feel rain, pass me the really big hat.” - Marshall

  • “It wasn't me, he hit the ball through the club house window.” - Matio

  • “Strip golf was not going well for the caddy today” - simon

  • “If I stand like this long enough it should come back to!? ” - Ben

  • “See I told you I'd wear them, that's 50 dollars you owe me.” - steve

  • “Put your hand down Rickie. YOU pay ME for carrying your bag and giving you the right club.” - pat

  • “You walk back, I'm hitching a lift from the next caddy car” - David

  • “What have I told you about chewing gum on the course?? C'mon, spit it out!” - Gareth

  • “Spit that ball out when its clean” - Arthur

  • “Pennies for the Caddy.....” - sharon

  • “And then he said cough!” - Wayne

  • “Wow, Sergio has just given me this 300-yard tap in for a half, let's get a lift to the next tee” - Mark

  • “I'm still ignoring you Ricky until you change those trousers.” - TONY

  • “Rickie takes a rain check” - simon

  • “I'm not high fiving ya Rickie, you just hit that guy in the face.” - caleb

  • “Everybody inside, it's spitting!” - Jason

  • “Of course I am thumbing a lift back to the hotel. I tee'd off so early I have still got my pyjamas on.” - Mark

  • “Golf club, check. Caddie, check. Trousers, checked!” - Glenn

  • “Rupert the bear has nothing on me” - kathy

  • “I hope that ball doesn't fade as much as these trousers will when they are washed!” - brian

  • “Well your legs look pretty daft too” - Michael

  • “You feel that? That rain put me off my shot ” - Tom

  • “Rickie that was some birdie, he`s just nicked your bacon butty.” - kenneth

  • “Trousers, Rickie? Who needs trousers? ” - Rob

  • “So anyway, the next thing the doctor says to me is, "cough please Mr. Fowler"” - Kenny

  • “Can I have my wig back please?” - Dave

  • “He's got the whole world matchplay in his hand, he's got the whole world matchplay in his hand, got the whole world matchplay in his hand” - David

  • “Quick get me my waterproofs I dont want to spoil my outfit” - Arthur