By Golfalot
This competition is now closed. But don't worry - we've got more competitions for you to enter.

Thanks to our friends at Cobra Puma, we are giving you the chance to start your year in style with a new pair of shoes. Just caption this photo of Cobra Puma's Rickie Fowler alongside Adam Scott and the one that makes us laugh the most will win a pair of Puma Monolite golf shoes.

Our panel of judges see every entry and we post the best ones below. Entries close 31st January 2014

Caption Competition

Congratulations to Michael Griffin for his winning caption:

When I said follow me at the press conference, I meant on twitter!

The best of the rest:

  • “I wonder if Adam will lend me his green jacket” - NIGEL

  • “What are we protesting against this time?” - Kirsty

  • “Who said wearing Orange didn't make you popular?” - Matt

  • “Whats the time Mr. Wolf?” - elaine

  • “I hope they don't notice i'm on day release.” - Paul

  • “This isn't what I thought you meant, when you said the Club was 'Going Green'” - Mo

  • “A quiet game on a Sunday was your idea” - Valerie

  • “I don't want to worry you Rickie, but I've seen 'The Lion King' and this scene doesn't end well for you ...” - Ryan

  • “Spot the prat without a hat!” - Rob

  • “When I said follow me at the press conference, I meant on twitter!” - Michael

  • “Scott - 'Wow, what a lovely Sunset' .... Caddie - 'That's Rickie Fowler, Adam” - Mike

  • “Where's Wally?” - Paul

  • “Rickie had already said it was a mistake to start marathon on a golf course.” - ian

  • “No way I'm letting that lot through!!” - colin

  • “Rickie was under pressure to join the green party” - simon

  • “The greens are behind you!” - Kevin

  • “Have you seen what the guy in front is wearing?! Is he sponsored by Orange?” - Elizabeth

  • “Do you think if I drew black lines on my gear I would play more like Tiger? ” - Karen

  • “Talk about slow play but this is getting ridiculous!” - shaun

  • “I wish I had a fan club like Adam” - Arthur

  • “Who would have thought the promise of a drink back at mine would have been so popular?” - aNN

  • “Who needs deodorant,everyone knows Rickie has the Links Effect.” - kenneth

  • “Cobra use 500 volunteers to test their new Pums Monolites” - John

  • “I hate munis on Sunday mornings” - Dave

  • “Rickie, Adam and the flash mob behind are about to dance gangnam style” - simon

  • “The crowd clearly thought it had found the next Messiah” - Valerie

  • “Don't look now Ricky but I have a funny feeling we are being followed” - David