Jamie Kennedy
By Jamie Kennedy
This competition is now closed. But don't worry - we've got more competitions for you to enter.

To celebrate Will MacKenzie's recent good form, Puma Golf are giving us a pair of their new Puma Biofusion golf shoes to give away. To win a pair, in the colour of your choice, simply caption this photo of Will at the Valspar Championship.

Caption Competition

Congratulations to Kyle Stewart for his winning caption:

I know I wrote her number down here... Wait, I think I see her in the crowd.

The best of the rest:

  • “I've brought along the Valspar for a really good finish.....” - Adrian

  • “Willy wearing white wonders where 'Woods' went!” - Paul

  • “Do you think I can hit a 9-iron that far? You have to I didn't bring the 8.” - Glenn

  • “I know I wrote her number down here. Wait, I think I see her in the crowd.” - Kyle

  • “Meghan Hardin is warming up and you're looking at your notebook?!” - Paul

  • “Hey will, come look at this flick book. Now that's what your swing should look like!” - Robbie

  • “When everything else fails - read the instructions” - Tim

  • “The course has been Bubba-proofed. I’ll check again but I tell you it’s not a really tiny green it’s just far away.” - Tim

  • “Which way are we going i cant see anything whith these glasses on?” - Jay

  • “Caddy fetch me my cricket bat and pads, another wicket has just fallen” - Jason

  • “I think we're lost"..."hold on, I have directions to the next hole written down here somewhere” - Amanda

  • “You sure about the Valspar paint, I was just thinking a light spray tan for the masters week.” - Anthony

  • “Is that Ricky in the group ahead or are the Azalea orange this year?” - Anthony

  • “This bag goes no further until we sort this out! You definitely said you would give me a raise! Look, I even wrote it down.” - Brian

  • “There's nothing in the rules about alligators taking the ball!” - SYLVIA

  • “Can you tell my mum uses Daz?” - Michael

  • “Stay in the moment Will. Don't get overcome with emulsion!” - Peter

  • “So that's a chilli-dog with cheese fries and a coke?” - David

  • “What would you hit here partner, because I haven't got a clue!!” - Ben

  • “I told you you were playing to slow,you`ve just got a parking ticket” - ken

  • “Is that flight MH370!?” - Sam

  • “Everyone in a 200 yard radius were given sunglasses to combat the glare of Will's outfit” - Tom

  • “I've got no idea what the yardage is, I picked up the Valspar colour chart by mistake.” - Trevor

  • “Does my chest look good if I push it out like this?” - Caleb

  • “Every picture paints a story” - Arthur