Golfalot Launches Golf Retail Price Index

Golfalot.com, the UK’s leading specialist golf website, has announced the launch of the innovative Golfalot Price Index, a unique online facility which monitors UK golf equipment prices like a stock market index to track how the average price of the latest golf equipment moves over time.

Equipment is segmented into common major categories (i.e. titanium drivers, fairways, irons), prices are then tracked each month and the data published in easy to read graph charts which clearly indicate the pricing fluctuation trends monthly over the course of a calendar year. Within each category the latest model(s) from each manufacturer are chosen as they reach the market so the models tracked always reflect pricing on what the serious golfer wants, the latest technology. This process eliminates the effect of discounted equipment reaching the end of the product lifecycle therefore upward rises in the index can be due to two reasons, the launch of new models or an increase in price on an existing model.

Prices are taken from Golfalot.com’s market leading golf equipment price comparison service which tracks all the prices every day from every major UK golf retailer with a national pricing policy.

Golfalot has been tracking prices over the last year and now has enough data to launch the Golfalot Price Index with details of how prices have moved over the previous 12 months to October 2005. In this time prices have only decreased 0.5%, with the average price of a full set of equipment falling by £60 to £1251.60. However within this trend was a marked price change in the price of accessories such as trolleys and golf balls.

Golfalot.com’s Managing Director commented, “As the only golf website with an equipment price comparison service we have access to a wealth of valuable data. Careful analysis has enabled us to generate real index trends that show how market pricing is affected throughout the course of the golf calendar year. We expect that the information published at Golfalot.com will enable golfers to pin point key hotspots to purchase new equipment and provide manufacturers with accurate data on retail pricing trends on specific models.”

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30 September 2005