Golfalot.com Proves Right On Target

In today’s competitive and congested advertising marketplace ensuring that your marketing spend is specific, measurable and targeted is a critical requirement to ensuring maximum return on investment. Recent statistics issued by the UK’s leading specialist golf website Golfalot.com will make interesting reading to marketing directors, managers or in fact anyone who has to make the often difficult choices on where to allocate precious marketing budget.

A Significant And Rapidly Growing Audience

Golfalot.com can now deliver a large and rapidly growing number of unique monthly users, in fact May was a record month with 65,000, a 140% growth versus the same period last year, with monthly pages impressions regularly exceeding ½ million; readership levels on this scale are comparable to the leading benchmark figures delivered by printed golf media. Additionally 13,000 users subscribe to receive a number of benefits including a weekly e-newsletter.

“If you want to reach probably the largest monthly readership in golf shouldn’t you choose Golfalot.com?”


A Rapidly Growing Audience You May Not Be Reaching

Not only is Golfalot’s audience growing fast it is also a new audience of golfers as 66% do not buy golf magazines and 37% do not watch golf on Sky. It is important that you communicate you brand and product messages to the right potential customers, Golfalot’s real time relationship with its users allows us to tell you significant detail on who users the site and how habits change. A few facts from Golfalot users.

- 68% have a handicap of 20 or better
- 72% are golf club members with 84% playing once a week
- 62% spend up to £500 per year on equipment
- 80% of users are under the age of 50 years

“By choosing Golfalot you can be sure of reaching a quality audience, ones who really are interested in your products.”


Be Certain To Reach Your Target

Internet based media allows us to monitor exactly which users visit which parts of our site. This ensures we accurately target advertising messages reducing wastage. For example equipment and E-commerce are the most frequently visited pages after the home page. Flexibility is also key and the nature of online media means instant copy deadlines and the ability to adjust a campaign immediately if required.

In conclusion there will always more potential areas to spend budget than a business will have available so the key is to choose carefully and ensure that you can objectively measure the return you get.

“Real measurement, the key to effective marketing.”

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21 June 2005