Golfalot Launch 3D Golf Game For Mobile Phones

Experience tournament golf or the cut and thrust of matchplay on the move! Leading golf website Golfalot.com has developed a version of it's highly successful Golfalot Tour online golf game for mobile phones. It is the first time an online golf game has been transferred to mobile phones.

The game display features 2D or 3D options with fantastic sound effects and true to life rules and game play. Select your 14 clubs and judge wind, slope and spin to get under par.

The mobile version of Golfalot Tour uses the Golfalot Lakes course for a 3-level Tour Strokeplay game. Players must beat the qualifying score to earn prize money to move up the Tours and win majors. Players can also spend earnings in the Tour Truck to improve their equipment and performance.

There is also a 2-player match play mode where you can play against your mates or the game in the form of Golfalot’s Lucy Locket.

Managing Director, Martin Hopley, interrupted another memorable mobile round to say; "Our internet game has been very successful and we always intended to launch a mobile version once the technology made it possible. I feel the Mobile Golfalot Tour leads the market in terms of graphics, navigation and game play. Now everyone can play golf wherever they are - trains, buses, at home or when the weather is too cold to go out!"

21 January 2004