Golfalot Equipment Videos Now Available In HD

Golfalot.com announce another first for a UK golf website with the introduction of High Definition (HD) versions of their popular Golf Equipment News video.

Golfalot’s videos have always been filmed in HD, hence their market leading production quality. Now thanks to advances in bandwidth and video serving technology, our users now have the option to view in HD as well.

This ensures excellent picture quality is maintained when the video is viewed in full screen mode or displayed on a larger screens, such as TVs that are connected to the internet. Viewers can now see close up shots of new golf equipment in even greater detail to get a real feel for the product.

All Golfalot videos from now on will be able to be viewed in HD and the first videos to receive the HD treatment are the Golfalot reviews of the Callaway FT-iZ woods and Cobra S2 Woods and links to these are on the right.

8 March 2010

Callaway FT-iZ Video

Callaway FT-iZ Woods Video

Cobra S2 Video

Cobra S2 Woods Video