Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

One trait all great, pro golfers have is the ability to make the game look easy. With strong fundamentals and a free-flowing swing, Tour players seem to swing and play with an effortless ease that makes everyday golfers envious. Wish you had the same rhythm and flow? Well maybe you can.

In this video Scott Cranfield explains a drill you can try to create a smooth, effortless rhythm in your swing.

It's All A Bit Tense

Tension is the enemy of a good golf swing. To improve your rhythm and gain a free-flowing, effective swing, it is important to lose that tension. Much of the tension in a golfer's swing relates to what is going through their head. To release the tension in your swing, concentrate on releasing the tension in your thoughts and approach each to shot.

Humming Drill

One drill Scott suggest you try involved humming during your swing. Whilst it may get you some funny looks at a busy range, it is effective. The idea is to take a normal swing, but hum throughout the swing. To keep the hum consistently at the same tone and volume, you must maintain a relaxed tension in your body. This reduced tension should encourage a smooth, flowing golf swing.