Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

Whether you are playing into a wind, playing to a back pin or just trying to shave off a few yards, being able to hit a killer punch shot can be a great asset. The set-up and execution of a punch shot is very different to that of a full or standard iron shot. In this video, Justin Rose explains how he hits the punch shot.

Weight Forward, Ball Back

Justin's first recommendation is to feel like you have more weight, around 60%, on your leading side (left side for right handers) with the ball slightly further back in your stance. This set-up position will help you keep the flight of the shot down, by de-lofting the club at impact and not allowing your weight to get behind the ball.

Hands And Arm Swing

Unlike a normal golf swing, where you might transfer some of your weight back on your backswing, Justin recommends maintaining your set-up position and balance as much as possible. Feel like you swing back with your arms and hands and don't shift your weight back and forth.

Abbreviated Follow-Through

Think about where you want your club to finish after your swing. You want to feel like you have a balanced, short finish after a punch shot. This position and thought will encourage a lower, more controlled ball flight.