Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

One of the biggest differences between a professional versus an amateur swing is the way in which the pro releases the club through the ball. Whilst the amateur tends to tighten up and steer the shot, the professional accelerates freely through the ball producing effortless, smooth distance.

In this video Scott Cranfield explains the importance of a free release and how you can swing like the pro's.

Throwing Your Swing

One way to imagine how to effectively release during your swing is to imagine you are throwing your club down the fairway or driving range. This idea will help you understand the speed, rhythm and flow required to release your club into the ball at impact. We don't recommend you try this, but thinking about throwing your club may help you understand what Scott is explaining.

Grip Swings

One simple drill you can do anywhere that will improve your release is swinging your club with the grip-end down. By turning your club around, you will hear a "whoosh" sound through impact, indicating that you are releasing the club effectively.

Swing Without Fear

Once you've swung a few times with the grip-end down, turn your club around the correct way and try hitting a few balls. Concentrate on that same "whoosh" noise and swing without fear of where it is going, or where the trouble is. If you can effectively swing without fear, you will find that you strike the ball better with a free release.