Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

There are few things more frustrating in golf than having a short chip and thinning it across the green, resulting in a high number. Having good control around the greens can be a real lifesaver to your score and your game. In this video, Scott Cranfield suggests one easy drill you can do to improve the strike of your chip shots and improve your control.

Use Loft Not Lift

One common fault of amateurs' chipping is trying to lift or scoop the ball. This typically results in a thin contact. Golf clubs are designed with different lofts for a reason and wedges offer plenty of loft to hit a variety of shots around the green. It is important to strike the ball correctly in order to allow the loft of the club to do that work, so you don't have to lift the shot and risk a thin.

Tee Drill

One way to practice the correct strike is a drill Scott recommends involving a tee behind your ball. Simply place a tee in the ground about 5 or 6 inches behind your ball and then practice chipping. What you will find is that the tee prevents your club from coming into the ball shallow and forces you to strike down the ball, which is the contact we are looking for. Do this drill a few times and you will get a feel for the type of strike you want to produce on shots around the green.