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Having made their debut in the laser rangefinder world last summer with the Focus X, golf tech brand Zoom are stepping things up for 2021 with a new 'flagship' product - the Focus Tour laser.

Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder

The new product is said to combine all of the features of a premium laser, with an elegant design which is said to be reminiscent of vintage cameras, all at an affordable price point which allows it to compete with the likes of Bushnell and Nikon at the top-end of the laser market.

The Zoom Focus Tour takes the premium technology and usability of the Focus X, and adds new levels of functionality and style. The optics are at the very top end of the category with a clarity and field of vision that I haven't seen matched. Add in the classic design and a surprisingly affordable price point and the Zoom Focus Tour is set to make a huge impact this year.

Ian Waddicar, Zoom Brand Representative

The Focus Tour is characterised by a stylish hybrid metal design and high level of optical clarity. There's an 800 metre range which combines with 6x magnification and accuracy of up to 0.5m, meaning that even the furthest targets can be found easily. The display captures a 7.5° field of view, for extra visual range.

Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder

The laser's eyepiece is also adjustable, meaning that every golfer should be able to focus properly and find their target with ease.

Design-wise, the Focus Tour is based on a hybrid metal material which is said to provide the classic design of vintage cameras with a modern, stylish aesthetic.

Other features include the all-important Slope adjusted distance option, which can be simply turned on or with with the button on the side of the unit, making it compliant for tournament play.

Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder

There's a flagpole scan mode which is said to help locate targets quickly and easily. When the device finds targets it vibrates to confirm lock, and a flag icon appears on the display.

Continuous measurement mode allows golfers to scan right across the landscape from the flag, to trees, to bunkers, delivering instant distances to each of the various targets.

The Focus Tour comes in a practical, hard-wearing carry case and is priced at £299.99.

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