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Golf trolley giant Motocaddy has announced an upgrade to its free-to-use GPS app to now incorporate features which could be potentially lifesaving to golfers out on the course. Users can now see the location of on-course defibrillators and receive CPR instructions to administer to anyone who suffers a cardiac arrest while playing golf.

2019 Motocaddy GPS App

So far over 700 golf clubs have registered the location of defibrilators, and this information can be accessed by golfers in just a matter of seconds once the app is loaded.

The app itself has already been downloaded by 85,000 users worldwide, completing over one million rounds of golf at more than 40,000 courses.

There's a simple six-step guide on 'How to Perform CPR' which can be accessed from the main menu and whilst in the 'Play Golf' mode.

2019 Motocaddy GPS App

Should a defibrillator be available, a logo will appear on the screen along with information on how to access it and emergency numbers to call.

2019 Motocaddy GPS App

Motocaddy Director Tony Webb commented:

We are proud to introduce the first ever golf app to include lifesaving features. We've invested significant sums in this upgrade and are delighted to have the support of so many golf clubs, plus Heart Research UK, who see physical activities including golf as having such important benefits for health.

You can also pair the app to get notifications from your smartphone sent to your trolley if you have any of the Motocaddy Connect models, via an easy bluetooth connection.

2019 Motocaddy GPS App

This feature also allows you to use the trolley's display as a GPS with yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, as well as shot measurement.

Another of the new additions for the app is a score tracking option which also provides you with real-time statistics for you to look at after the round, to analyse where you're going wrong. Statistics such as number of putts, fairways hit and greens in regulation can all be recorded, along with tee selection and stroke index for each hole.

Here's Tony again:

The updated app offers golfers a modern look and is even more easy-to-use and quick to pair with a compatible Motocaddy trolley than ever before. The app is a real game-changer and we are proud to not only push the boundaries when it comes to the wide-range of features on offer, but potentially save lives too.

Other features of the app also include automatic hole search and advancement, distance measurement of any shot, a round timer and detailed greenside information.

2019 Motocaddy GPS App


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