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Japanese equipment manufacturer Mizuno has announced its ST200 series of metal woods, which will be the first of the brand's range to be designed in collaboration with both their Japanese and US R&D teams.

Mizuno ST200 Woods

They are looking to build upon the success of the ST190 range, which achieved victory on the PGA Tour when Keith Mitchell was crowned winner of the 2019 Honda Classic.

Mizuno Golf Club Engineer Chris Voshall commented:

Combining our US and Japan Tour metal wood development is a natural evolution for Mizuno in 2020. We can now combine Japan's exotic materials and craftsman's eye for playing profiles with our expertise of working with modern tour players like Keith Mitchell. 2020 is set to be a huge year for Mizuno in metal woods.

Mizuno ST200 Driver

The ST200 (£349) is a high-stability driver which seeks low spin and extra forgiveness, aimed at players who want 'straight-line distance' and more predictability.

Mizuno ST200 Woods

It is built around a resilient Beta rich forged Titanium face, which stretches to the limits of tolerance levels for maximum performance, whilst also being sound engineered for extra feedback and control.

A multi thickness, forged SAT Beta 2041 Ti face is responsive whilst also being 17% stronger than traditional 6-4 Titanium, to maintain performance for longer.

A compacted Wave Sole and graphite crown save weight which is then repositioned lower and deeper in the end, to help deliver low spin and increased stability from off-centre strikes.

An 11.6g backweight further enhances 'low spin efficiency', as well as maximising forgiveness by raising the MOI.

The head shape has been developed in the ST200 compared to the previous ST190, with a flatter crown and slightly flatter lie angle which will appeal to better players.

Mizuno ST200G Driver

The ST200G (£399) is designed for high swing speed efficiency. Mizuno have worked to increase ball speed this year whilst also making it more reliable on mishits, and with spin rates that are adjustable from mid to ultra-low.

Mizuno ST200 Woods

It shares many of the same features as the ST200 included the SAT Beta 2041 Ti face, 'tour' shaping and better player's sound, but also provides extreme adjustability thanks to a Fast Track system.

With two 7g weights on external tracks, the ST200G offers more effective weight movement so golfers can really refine their spin rates off the tee.

Mizuno ST200X Driver

The ST200X (£349) provides high launch with a draw bias, and is geared towards those golfers with mid to lower swing speeds.

Mizuno ST200 Woods

A lightweight design encourages a higher ball flight and more of a draw shape, as is designed to work in conjunction with Mizuno's own MFUSION 39g shaft.

The driver has its own unique shape, with extra weight in the heel and a more upright lie angle, which works to encourage more distance and more of a draw bias.

The S200X is, like the ST200 and ST200G driver, adjustable by 4 degrees with additional lie settings.

Mizuno ST200 Fairway Woods

The new ST200 fairway woods (£239) incorporate a multi-thickness Maraging steel face to provided increased initial ball speeds. They combine low spin with extra forgiveness to ensure that you don't lose too much distance on off-centre strikes. Mizuno say that the modified 'Tour-Ready' profile helps these fairway woods set up perfectly at address, allowing you to feel confident from a variety of lies.

Mizuno ST200 Woods

This steel face and multi-thickness design also help to produce better energy transfer, and faster ball speeds, across the whole club face.

Mizuno ST200 Woods

A compacted Wave Sole and graphite crown has saved weight which is moved lower and deeper in the head to add more stability without raising spin rates. Including a softer leading edge and transition into the hosel creates the 'tour-ready look', whilst wet weather score lines help to maintain spin rates and ball flight even if the conditions take a turn for the worst.

David Llewellyn, Director of R&D at Mizuno, commented:

By utilising stronger Maraging steel, we have achieved our thinnest ever multi-thickness Cortech face, which now approaches COR values that are normally reserved for drivers.

Mizuno ST200X Fairway Woods

Much like the ST200X driver, the ST200X fairway wood (£239) has been designed to cater for those golfers with mid-to-low swing speeds. A larger footprint down by the ball, and an extremely lightweight design, encourages a higher ball flight and draw bias, and it is also best used alongside Mizuno's own MFUSION shaft.

Mizuno ST200 Woods

The ST200X features a unique shape with a larger clubface and wider body with extra weight in the heel, which also helps those golfers who fight the slice and want a little higher flight.

The 3 wood has a full Ti driver-type construction with a Beta rich Ti face for high ball speed, while the 5 and 7 wood use a steel frame with the multi-thickness Maraging face providing greater energy transfer.

The Mizuno ST200 woods will be available at retail from February 2020.


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