Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Cleveland Golf has spent 35 years creating innovative short game tools to help you score better.

In recent times we have seen them perfect the spin technology of their Rotex face and offer a wider array of bounce offerings with the Rotex 2.0 Wedges.

The latest offering for golfers in the USA is a collaboration with the golf technology company Swingbyte, taking their motion analysis sensor and permanently fixing it just below the grip of a Cleveland Wedge, to create the Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyser.

Cleveland Golf Wege Analyser

Cleveland's research shows that 45 percent of all shots on the course not with a putter are hit with a wedge. Therefore getting one that matches both your swing and the conditions of the courses you play regularly can only help your game.

Getting you to hit shots with the Cleveland Fitting Wedge allows the fitting process to be so much more precise.

The motion sensor captures and transmits thousands of snapshots per second back to the app on either a laptop or iPad using Bluetooth and then renders a 3D picture of your swing to illustrate and display key swing metrics for wedge play.

Cleveland Golf Wege Analyser

Taking data such as attack angle and shaft lean at impact from the sensor data and combining this with manual inputs such as typical turf conditions, the Wedge Analyser then recommends the optimum bounce and sole grind for any golfer.

Cleveland Golf Wege Analyser

In addition the Wedge Analyser includes a database of iron set pitching wedge lofts to ensure that fitters can recommend the proper wedge lofts to complement your existing sets of irons.

Cleveland Golf Wege Analyser

Adam Sheldon, Brand Manager for Cleveland Golf, explains the benefits:

There has always been a lot of confusion in the marketplace about bounce and sole grinds on wedges. This new Cleveland Wedge Analyser fitting system enables fitters and consumers alike to determine which bounce and sole grind is right for each wedge in a golfer's bag, especially indoors, at large retailers, where a number of fittings take place.


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