By Golfalot
This competition is now closed. But don't worry - we've got more competitions for you to enter.

Thanks to our friends at Cobra Puma, we are giving you the chance to drive the ball like Rickie Fowler. Just caption this photo of the young American and the one that makes us laugh the most will win a Cobra BiO CELL Driver, in the colour of your choice.

February Caption Competition

Congratulations to Jamie Radford (photo below) for his winning caption:

Don't worry about getting me a drink in the clubhouse lads, I'm the designated driver!

February Caption Competition Winner

The best of the rest:

  • “Is that Jim Furyk wearing exactly the same as me? Get me my manager!’” - darren

  • “What's that Garcia? Halve the hole? It's my drive, not my putt!” - Allan Steen

  • “Orange ya glad I went left.” - caleb

  • “Do you think my head looks big in this hat?” - martin

  • “If you yell "Mashed Potato's" again I'll give you a swipe with this” - Arthur

  • “You didn't tell me that Bio Cell Drivers are not available in white.” - Matio

  • “If only I had used an iron instead of a driver - I wouldn't have had all these creases in my clothes!!” - Phil

  • “Seriously Sergio my hole?? But I'm still 180 from the pin!” - Russ

  • “There's no way that will hit him. ” - Dan

  • “No I'm not sponsored by Orange!” - Carl

  • “Perhaps that was a little too looooong...” - Bryan

  • “They gave Norman the new BiO CELL Driver too?” - Chris

  • “What do I have to do with this tee thing again?!” - suzanne

  • “What do you reckon caddie, should I Bi O Cell??” - Mark

  • “Seriously....the guy who stole my bag was about this tall!” - Brian

  • “Anyone for Cobra soup? I just love the new ladel I got for Christmas!!!” - June

  • “Corrrr!” - Maya

  • “You pay for parking sir, and THEN I'll raise the barrier” - Valerie

  • “Hey! Hey! Do I hold it like this?” - neil

  • “This Metal Detector will never CELL” - david

  • “Don't worry about getting me a drink in the clubhouse lads, I'm the designated driver!” - Jamie

  • “Obi-Wan has taught you well” - trevor

  • “I thought we agreed we wear ORANGE on Wednesdays?” - Brendan

  • “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ready or not, here I come.” - keith

  • “I wonder if they know my ball is headed for the green? ” - Michael

  • “I'll be back out later lads, my tee's ready. ” - Dave

  • “Any more orange Rickie and you'll be mistaken for Dale Winton” - Tony

  • “OK kids. Stop, look, listen and when it’s safe, drive off “by-yo-self”!” - Calum

  • “I should have gone with a nippon shaft” - Simon

  • “What? Why can't I use this to play cricket??” - Gareth

  • “Please don't hit the captains car!” - Jason

  • “Where did that go? Really wish they'd let me use orange balls!” - Alex

  • “Hurry up! Im getting fed up with the limbo dancing competition...” - michael

  • “Adam be nimble, Adam be quick, Adam go under limbo stick” - Janice

  • “Who cut the shaft down on my Driver?” - Arthur

  • “I asked my boss if I should wear my Puma gear, and he said “All white"” - Rob

  • “What do you mean, who’s my sponsor? ” - Valerie

  • “"Rickie... I am your father"” - Ryan

  • “Daz, keeping your whites whiter than white.” - darren