Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

Whilst we all hope to play our rounds in the sun, often we are forced to fight cold, windy or wet conditions. When it does rain, one of the most demanding shots can be hitting from wet sand. The sand tends to be more dense and heavier and this can cause various issues in trying to save par.

In this video, Scott Cranfield explains how to deal with wet sand and get the ball up and down from those types of bunkers.

Club Choice

Most sand or lob wedges tend to have a lot of bounce and large soles, designed to get the club entering into the sand or grass and preventing it from digging. However when it comes to wet, or hard, sand these clubs can often bounce off the top of the sand and result in a thin contact. Therefore Scott suggests trying your pitching wedge, which will cut into the sand a little easier.

Play For Run

Because of the density of the sand and the fact that Scott suggests using a pitching wedge, you will not be able to produce the same amount of back spin as a normal bunker shot. Therefore, you should expect the shot to run out a little more and adjust your target and aim accordingly.

Swing Normally

With the pitching wedge in your hand, the swing is very much the same as a normal bunker shot. Open the face at address, grip tightly and be sure to hit down aggressively into the sand behind the ball. You want to ensure you cut into the sand and don't slow down into the ball, which could result in the club bouncing.