Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

We've all been there. You plan and look forward to a game of golf, only to be rushing beforehand and racing to the first tee in order to make your tee time. Rarely in these rounds, do golfers perform well. One reason for that is the importance of a good warm-up.

Here, Scott Cranfield explains why a good, dynamic warm-up is important and shows you a few, quick exercises you could try before your next round.

Start From The Ground Up

The best process for warming up is to start with your lower body and work up. Start by circling your toes both clockwise and anticlockwise to get your ankles and feet loose. As with all exercises you should do the same repetitions on both sides of your body, not simply your favoured side.

The Miguel Stretch

Anyone that's seen Miguel Angel Jimenez warming up will have seen this stretch. With your feet together, squat slightly and place your hands, with a little pressure, atop your knees. From there, circle both your hands and knees both clockwise and anticlockwise to get your upper and lower legs warm.

Your Hips Don't Lie

Many golfers, especially elderly players, may find their hips often give them issues both during their swing and walking the fairways. Before you round, try placing your hands on your hips and gently circling your mid-section around. Again, do this in both directions and you should find it loosens your hips and pelvis.

Shoulder-Clock Stretch

Standing tall, imagine your shoulder is in the centre of a clock. Now stretch and move your shoulder to various points on the clock: lifting it up, pulling it down and moving it from side to side and back and forward. Do this on both sides and you should find your shoulders feel looser and more comfortable when you swing.

Dry Your Hands

Ensuring your wrists and hands are loose and warm ahead of the first tee shot is crucial. To do this, imagine your hands are wet from being washed and you are drying them off by shaking the water off. This vigorous exercise will get the many joints in your hands loose and get your wrists, fingers warmed up.

Heads Up

Before you head to the first tee, you need to stretch your head and neck. To do this, standing still, move your ear slowly towards your shoulder, stretching your neck to the side. Do this on both sides and then try turning your head left and right slowly and fully.