Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

Did you know that PGA Tour pros make an average of 96% of putts inside 5 feet. What percentage do you think you make?

We all know the importance of short putting but how exactly can you improve your performance close to the hole. In this video, Scott Cranfield explains the "round the clock" drill. It takes just a couple of minutes to do before you head to the first tee and could save you several shots in your round.

Set The Clock

On the practice green, place a tee in the ground and lay out 5 to 10 balls in a circle around the tee, approximately five feet from the tee. The goal of the drill is to hit the tee peg with each putt.

Set Yourself A Target

To ensure you concentrate and practice effectively, set yourself a target. If you lay out 10 balls, perhaps set yourself the goal of hitting the tee 7 times. This thought will add a degree of pressure to the drill that will mirror what you face on the course. Don't be scared to increase or decrease your target based on your success.

Aim Small, Miss Small

You should go through your putting routine on each putt and focus on getting the ball to hit the tee square-on. By focusing on a small target like a tee, you are narrowing your vision and your target. If you do the drill correctly, you should find the hole on the first hole appears larger and you feel more confident over shorter putts on the course.