Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

Watch any professional golfer practising their putting and you will no doubt be impressed by the smooth, controlled action they use. Often amateur golfers struggle with this, gripping too tight and hitting the ball rather than stroking it towards the hole.

In this video, Justin Rose shares a unique putting drill that he does to keep his stroke smooth.

One-Pound Drill

Place a pound coin, or similar sized coin, in the cavity on the back of your putter head (note, not all putter models have an area like this). Place your putter behind the ball and try and hit a few putts keeping the coin, in place, on the back of your putter.

The Good And Bad

What you find with this drill is that bad, or quick, strokes will cause the coin to fall out of your putter between your back stroke and forward stroke. If this is the case, try using a longer, smoother putting stroke. If you do this correctly, you should be able to hole putts whilst keeping the coin on your putter.