Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

In golf, you rarely find two chip shots that are the same. Every shot around the green faces a different type of lie, slope, angle or trouble. The key to hitting good chip shots is understanding the path the ball will take to finish by the hole. In this video, Justin Rose explains how he decides how and where he will land his chips.

Where Do I Need To Land The Ball To Have It Run Out To The Pin?

That is the question Justin asks himself when faced with any chip. Regardless of whether you are hitting a chip-and-run or a flop shot, knowing where you need to land the ball is crucial. Often if you stand behind the shot and imagine someone hitting the chip you are faced with, you can better appreciate where you may need to land it.

Throw Your Chips

One trick Justin uses to practice this visualisation and feel is throwing a ball around the green. If you stand by a chip shot and either throw, or imagine throwing, a ball towards the hole, it will give you a good idea of where on the green you need to land the ball in order to get it close to the hole. You can then use this feel to help you when you hit your chips to predict where to pitch and how to hit your shots around the green.