Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

For amateurs, going into a bunker can mean a high score and a heavy penalty. For Tour players, going in a bunker can often be better than missing the green in the rough and give them a good chance of getting the ball close. In this video, Justin Rose explains a couple of simple changes you could make to become a good bunker player.

Get Low

Justin believes it is very important to get low in the bunker. Set a wide stance, dig your feet in, squat down a little and bring your weight and centre of gravity closer to the sand. This position will create a shallower angle for your swing and prevent the club from digging and stopping in the sand.

Clubface Square, Feet Open

Most players know that they need to open the face of their sand wedge when hitting a bunker shot. However, many do so from a fairly standard set-up, meaning their clubface points well to the right of their target. Justin recommends you keep the face square to your target and open your stance, aiming your feet left of the target.

Swing Along Your Feet

Once you are set-up, low to the sand, with an open clubface and stance, you want to swing along the line of your feet. A lot of players set-up correctly and then swing towards the target. If you open your stance, keep the clubface pointing at the target and swing along the line created by your stance, you will get the ball coming out easier, higher and softer.