Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

The average golfer spends approximately four hours on a golf course hitting around 90 shots. The vast majority of the time is spent not hitting shots, but thinking and preparing to hit them. Having an effective and reliable pre-shot routine can be invaluable.

In this video, Justin Rose explains the basics of creating your own pre-shot routine.

Getting Aligned

Justin suggests using the moments before your shot to help ensure you are aligned to the shot you are trying to hit. He uses a plum-bombing technique that involves closing one eye and holding the club up to create a line between the ball and your intended target. Using this method can help you pick an intermediate spot on the ground in front of your ball that you can use as a reference to get set-up.

Getting Set-Up

Once you step up to the shot, you should ensure that you are set-up correctly. You should almost have a mental check-list, making sure that your clubface, feet and body are positioned the way you want before you hit the shot.

Trust Your Swing

If you have an effective pre-shot routine or check-list, you should find it gives you confidence to swing, knowing you have effectively prepared for the shot. Once you have finished your routine, have the confidence to not second guess yourself, trust your swing and hit a great a shot.