Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

Few things in golf are more frustrating that discovering you ball is plugged in a bunker. In this video, Justin Rose explains a different approach to the traditional method of playing a plugged bunker shot.

Weight Forward

Justin recommends that when you get set-up to hit a plugged bunker shot you should try and get 80% of your weight on your leading side. By shifting the weight slightly forward, it will position your chest over the ball and give you a strong position for digging the ball out of the bad lie.

Open The Clubface

While many coaches teach a closed faced with plugged lies, Justin recommends opening the face at address. This will position the club in a way that will allow you to swing the heel of the club into the sand and get the ball to pop out of the bunker slightly higher.

Swing Steeply And Aggressively

To ensure you get the necessary impact to get the ball out of the bunker, Justin suggests setting your wrists early in the backswing, then hitting steeply down behind the ball with an aggressive swing. This speed and angle of attack will give you the best chance to escape a plugged lie.

Don't Worry About The Follow-Through

When faced with a plugged bunker shot, the goal is to dig the ball out of the sand. Watch as Justin doesn't concern himself with a long, full follow through, rather he digs the club into the ball and tries to pop it out and onto the green.

Try out Justin's method and let us know if it works for you, it may just save you a few shots and a lot of stress.