Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

We've all watched PGA and European Tour players before they hit a shot, standing behind the ball staring at the shot ahead. But what exactly are they doing and what is going through their head? The answer is, they are visualising the shot in their mind.

In this video, Scott Cranfield explains visualisation and how you can use it to take your game to the next level.

What Is Visualisation?

Simply put, visualisation in golf is the ability to seeing a shot unfold the way you would like to unfold, before it happens. Done correctly and it can be a strong asset to a golfer. Done poorly and it can plague all areas of your game.

Major Nesmith's Story

Major Nesmith was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, held in solitary confinement for seven years. As soldiers are trained he worked to activate and engage his mind to keep themselves from going crazy. He visualised playing golf, each day. It took him five hours to mentally play around his home course. After seven years, Nesmith returned home having not played golf once. Having been used to shooting in the mid 90s, Nesmith shot 74 in his first round back.

See Yourself As The Golfer You Want To Be

If you picture yourself on the golf course no better than you actually are, you will struggle to improve. Scott recommends that you picture yourself as the golfer you want to be. If you goal is to break 80, mentally see yourself hitting the shots of someone that breaks 80 regularly. Using a photo or a strokesaver to image yourself playing a hole and use that visualisation to help you improve.