Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

If you have played a lot of golf in the UK, you've most likely played in a strong wind. Trying to control your ball and your score when the conditions are blustery can be very challenging. Luckily for you, Scott Cranfield is here to help. In this video he explains a couple of fundamental changes you can make when playing into a breeze.

Take Enough Club

When playing into a wind, you can almost forget about the yardage. A 150-yard par-3, which may normally be an 8-iron, could be playing more like 175 yards and require a 5-iron. More often than not players come up short when playing into a wind, so ensure you select enough club to begin with.

Grip Down

The shorter the club, the more control you have over the clubhead. Therefore when trying to control a shot into a wind, try gripping down the grip a little. This will shorter your swing and keep the ball lower into the breeze.

Ball Behind Your Centre Line

Rather than thinking about ball position based on your feet, think about it relative to the centre of your sternum. This is the area of your body which your swing pivots around, so keeping the ball slightly behind this imaginary line at address will ensure you de-loft the club and shorter your swing through impact.