Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

It's not hard to appreciate that the majority of shots golfers hit during a round take place within 100 yards. But how often do you practice shots from 20 to 100 yards?

In this video, Scott Cranfield discusses some basic tips that will help you with your pitching.

Don't Be A Full

One of the difficulties of mid-range pitch shots is that players have to judge a shot that is perhaps not a full shot. Often amateurs will still take a full swing on short shots, because it is more comfortable and natural, and then slow or decelerate into the ball. This isn't an effective way to pitch.

3-Length Swings

It is a good practice to learn at least three different length of back swings to vary the distance you can hit pitch shots. Scott suggests learning to swing to you hands on an imaginary clock face, and getting used to swinging to 7, 9 and 10.30. If you learn these three positions and accelerate into the ball from each, you will learn three new distances for each club and add more variety to your short game.