Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

We've all heard the saying "your worst putt is always better than your worst chip". It is often the reasoning amateurs use when taking the putter from off the green. But wouldn't it be good if you knew how to effectively hit those short chip shots?

In this video, Scott Cranfield explains how to hit chips close to the green.

Putting Versus Chipping

It seems to have several times a round. You miss the green and are debating between putting a ball from just off the green or chipping. The difficulty of putting is that longer grass around the green can be tough to judge and distance control can be challenging. If you hit a chip correctly, you can avoid the longer grass and have the ball land on the green and stay close to the hole.

Use Your Putting Set-Up

To practice these short chip shots, Scott suggests setting up with a putting and imitating that club position and set-up with the club you choose to chip with. You'll find that the club sits more upright than normal. Lastly, because your chipping club will be slightly longer than your putter, try gripping it down the grip slightly to mirror the length of your putter.

Lean Into The Shot

Unlike a putt, a chip is more of a strike, down into the ball. To encourage that contact, Scott suggests leaning slightly on your leading foot (left for right handed golfers). From that position, feel like you use a strong putting stroke. Your set-up will ensure you strike the ball slightly and you'll find you can be more consistent that you would be with a putter.