Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

One noticeable difference between an amateur swing and a professional swing is the posture and rotation used by the professional, that creates effortless power. Pros work and train hard to allow them to swing the club that way, but many amateurs, stuck in an office all day, lack the correct posture in their golf swing.

In this video, Scott Cranfield explains how you can improve your posture and how it can help you swing the club better.

Long Back = Long Shots

Many of us spend lots of time each day shortening the length of our spines, by sitting in an office chair or driving a car. When it comes to the golf swing, the longer you can make your back/spine, the greater base you have for rotating around and producing longer shots. Posture and rotation are key to a golf, efficient golf swing.

Testing Your Posture

Scott suggests a simple test you can do to gauge the importance of posture. Sitting down, cross your arms and place them on your shoulders. Now slouch your shoulders forward and arch your back, imitating poor posture. From there try and rotate your shoulders, mirroring your back swing. You will find that this compresses your chest and your ability to breath. Try this with good posture and it is much easier. That same idea is mirrored in the golf swing.

Rooting Yourself To The Ground

Whilst lots of discussion on posture centres around a golfer's back, it starts with the lower body. To get an idea of how your legs can help, Scott recommends you imagine your legs are trees that a rooted into the ground. The roots spread away from your feet giving you a strong, stable connection to the ground. From that balanced position, you can effectively lengthen your back and have excellent posture in your swing.