Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

Watch Tiger Woods play golf and you'll see a man striding the fairways with purpose, focus and confidence. Watch players at your home course walking the course and you may see tired postures, frustrated expressions and downbeat attitudes.

Justin Rose discusses his approach to on-course body language and how you can trick yourself into playing better.


There are not many sports where one person takes four hours to complete a game played entirely by themselves. What that means for golf is there is a lot of downtime on the course when you are walking and not hitting shots. Ensuring you are thinking and feeling the right way during this time can actually help your game.

"10 Feet Tall And Bulletproof"

Justin talks about Tiger Woods philosophy of walking around the course telling himself he is 10ft tall and bulletproof. He recommends trying this on the course and have a "nothing can phase" me mentality and confidence when you play. Stand tall, be positive and you might just find you score lower.