Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

Whether it's The Masters on Sunday, a monthly medal or just a bounce game with a friend, pressure is a part of golf. How well you deal with pressure situations offers dictates your score at the end of a round.

In this video, Justin Rose explains how Tom Watson overcame pressure and how learning to breathe can help you learn to win.

Tom Watson "The Choker"

It seems strange to think of someone with 39 PGA Tour wins and 8 major championships as a choker. But truth be told, that is how Tom Watson was thought of early in his career. Justin explains how the moment Watson learnt how to breathe, he learnt how to win.

Three Deep Breaths

Justin's tip when dealing with a pressure situation is to find time for three, big deep breaths. After you've taken three of these, you will be amazed how calm it can make you feel and how much better you can process thoughts and pressure.