Lucy Locket
By Lucy Locket

No matter what standard of golfer you are, you will undoubtedly have negative thoughts on a golf course. Water, bunkers, thick rough, trees and hazards are positioned to intimidate golfers and make them question their swing and their ability. In this video, Scott Cranfield explains how you can overcome those challenging shots and what to think about when you are under pressure.

"Just Get Over The Water"

Thoughts like this can often overwhelm our mind and impact our swing. If you are over the ball and thinking about previous shots, hazards or trouble ahead, it is nearly impossible for you to effectively swing the club. It is crucial when facing a difficult shot that you know what to think about and how to keep the rhythm of your swing.

Focus On The Present

It is easy to dwell on poor shots you've hit during your round, or feel intimidated by the shot you are about to face. However, to effectively deal with pressure situations, golfers must concentrate on the present moment and ideally something outside of your own body. You should keep any swing or body thoughts for practising on the range.

One-Two Drill

Scott suggests his one-two drill. The idea behind the drill is to concentrate on the clubhead, specifically at two points during the swing. Thinking about the head, mentally say "one" when it reaches the top of your backswing. Likewise, trace the clubhead as it reaches the ball at impact and say "two" when it meets the ball. This drill will calm your mind and your thoughts and help you deal with pressure situations.