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Most golf GPS watches are essentially front/middle/back distance devices that you can wear and the TomTom Golfer 2 is no different.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

For some time now that is all they have done, but as wearable tracking technology becomes more mainstream, so GPS watches are starting to evolve and this is where the Golfer 2 has been improved as it can automatically track your shots.

First and foremost the Golfer 2 is a GPS distance device and compared to the previous TomTom Golfer watch, the visual appearance is taller and longer.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

It is also fractionally thinner, but looks chunkier as it is the same 11mm deep for a longer part of the body.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

The overall length of the unit embedded in the strap is pretty much the same, as is the actual screen display, so this styling is purely cosmetic.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

It comes supplied with a specific USB cable that attaches using a clip to the back of the unit on the inside of the strap and recharges quickly within an hour a two.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

It says it will last 2 rounds, but I played one round and it was more than half depleted and I know how it felt.

The Golfer 2 menu is controlled by the excellent square pad on the strap below the screen and this is very easy to use, especially if you have big man-sized fingers.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

On the previous Golfer watch you just scrolled left from the Time screen to see the battery charge left. However on the Golfer 2 you have to click down on the square mouse pad to the Settings menu and then select About to see the battery charge remaining, which is not very user friendly, even if battery level is shown on the yardage screen when you are playing.

The large numbers on the Time display look funky, but more information like a battery meter could have easily been slotted in.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

When you arrive at your golf course, just scroll right from the Time screen and the TomTom Golfer 2 picks up the course you are on within 20 to 30 seconds.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

It says there are now 40,000 courses loaded and it found the main 18-hole course here at our Swanston base quickly, but not the lesser known par-3 Templar course which virtually every other GPS does. Therefore if you play at a real hidden gem then check with TomTom site that it is on their list.

Otherwise, the accuracy of yardages seemed pretty good and the display was clear with front, middle and back shown in nice big numbers.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

Scrolling between holes was really easy as you just click up or down on the pad, which was handy as the auto-advance seemed to be having an off day.

For each hole there is hazard information available, which uses the same 1980s video game graphics as the previous model.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

Last time round I felt it was a reasonable attempt at trying to get an overview of the hole and green hazards on a watch, which is never easy. Therefore to see little improvement in this limited display style for the Golfer 2 version is disappointing.

There is also post round banter information on distance covered, round duration and calories burned if you like that sort of thing, but I don't think it takes into account any chocolate or beer consumed.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

The manual scoring function is similar to before, but now you can specify putts as well as strokes. Beware that if you have a par 4 then that is entered as 2 strokes and 2 putts and not 4 strokes and 2 putts, as I found out when I suddenly shot over 100.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

The scoring screen still starts from zero rather than the par of each hole which involves more clicking. Having to click right twice from the yardage screen to get there and then twice to the left to get back for every hole loses its appeal quickly, especially if you are trying to enter several hole scores at the same time.

However the scoring function is really where the Golfer 2 has been improved, as if you leave it on your wrist when you play it will automatically track the location and distance of your shots.

It looks for the movement in your swing and will vibrate to tell you it has picked up a swing after you have posed for your follow through. It will only record one swing per location, which is just as well as it would pick up the odd practice swing with a driver.

If it misses a stroke or you want to measure putts, you just cover the screen with the palm of your hand and it will add one to the total, which is one of the best manual stroke recording features I have used.

On the greens it is worth doing this before you putt when you get to your ball to save time. The same approach can be used with half shots before you take the actual swing as the shorter swing is unlikely to be picked up.

If vibrates and records a shot when you did not take one it is easy enough to scroll to the scoring screen and take one off your strokes total.

Once you have finished your round you just sync the Golfer 2 watch with the app on your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth and you get to see basic stats on driving distance, fairways hit, greens in regulation and putting.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

It also gives you a map overview of the course for each hole you have played. Make sure all the GPS data is correct on the course whilst you play, as you can delete rogue shots after the round, but any erroneous GPS points cannot be removed.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

I managed to record a swing as my hand went up to get in the double strap of my golf bag as I was putting it on whilst walking off the tee and got a 23 yard drive which I can't now delete. It was really annoying as that underestimated the best tee shot of the day!

So it's not perfect, but as an entry level scoring and mapping service it was one of the easiest to use and the information was displayed quickly and clearly on the app. You have to view the scoring maps within the app as there is no computer alternative, so a bigger phone screen will provide a better experience.

The automatic scoring is probably enough to say that the TomTom Golfer 2 is an improvement on the previous version as otherwise most of the other functions and dimensions are the same.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

It looks good, but the taller looking face looks leans more towards GPS looks than the more watch leaning style of the original Golfer model. I tried the black Golfer 2, but it is also available with a grey strap which is probably my preference as it makes the whole thing look a little smaller visually.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

The navigation pad is still the best watch navigation tool on the market and using your palm to cover the face to add a stroke is an excellent system. These features combine with the comfortable and easy to adjust strap and make the TomTom Golfer 2 a delight to use and wear.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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TomTom Golfer 2 Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK LaunchMay 2016
UK Launch RRP£199.99
Device TypeGPS Watch
Shot MeasurementYes
Power OptionsRechargeable
DimensionsWidth: 37mm, Height: 55mm, Depth: 11mm
Screen SizeWidth: 22mm, Height: 25mm
Device Weight61 grams
Course Capacity40,000
Manufacturer's WebsiteTomTom Website

User Reviews

April 2019

This is a nice watch which doubles as an attractive timepiece and a reasonable golf GPS. However, in the 14 months that I have had the watch, I have gone through 2 TomTom watch straps. The problem is that the watch needs to be pressed out of the strap each time for charging and after 4-6 months, the strap cracks around the push button aperture. Replacement straps from TomTom are outrageously expensive (around £50 each) so, all in all this makes the watch a very bad buy. While TomTom replaced the first strap free they have not replied to my query regarding the second strap.

Ray B
September 2017

My watch was given to me as a present three months ago, for this reason only I have not thrown it in the bin!! It almost worked once, but since then something is always wrong. It changes from yards to metres on a whim. So far it has not connected with Apple operating systems ad now it will not perform its primary function of showing and counting down yardage. It freezes on the first hole and refuses to do anything further. I have spent, sorry, wasted hours connected to the connect app and re-setting the manufacturers settings with little success. Since having this watch it has entirely spoiled my enjoyment of actually playing. Knowing I have this orange coloured gadget, when my friends ask me for course info, I can only say "sorry it's not working". It does however tell the time, but so does my £5 Timex. Rating zero, score on your card (it is quicker) and use the course markers.

Derek rowland
August 2017

There was a problem with par rating on the course I play and I told TomTom the next time i used it it was all correct - thank you TomTom, fantastic customer care. Highly rateded in my opinion.A good buy i do recommend this product. Used in conjunction with my iPhone brilliant

July 2017

I find the auto scoring vibration a pain. More often than not, it counts my practice swing as a stroke, and then the vibration occures in the middle of my real shot swing!! Worse is there's no way to turn the vibration off.

January 2017

I have played two rounds and have struggled with the auto shot function and the ability to correctly record my game .

I'm going to return the watch dissapointed that the product does not live up to what it promises.

August 2016

I am on my second Golfer 2; the first watch would not connect to any device and was replaced. Sometimes the watch is not very good at sensing and recording shots. You can enter the scores after the hole is finished but no distances are recorded. You can connect to more than one device. However, more importantly and something that is not mentioned in the user manual, is that, after the round is finished the data is transferred to the first device you sync with only and it is then not available to transfer or be seen on any other device. There is no way to see your data online. I transfer all the data to my Android phone after each round but had I known about the limitation then I would have waited until I was able to sync with my iPad. None of the data is available on my iPad and there is no way to retrieve the data from my Android phone.

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