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If you are going to call something Velocity it had better be fast and that is exactly what the 2016 version of the ball from Titleist is all about.

Titleist Velocity 2016 Golf Ball

The Velocity was first introduced in 2012 to have a fast core with low spin and the re-engineered 2016 version features its largest and fastest core yet.

Titleist Velocity 2016 Tech

The LSX core is now 1.575 inches across and Titleist has reformulated the materials to give it the fastest possible initial velocity but with low spin.

The idea is to launch the ball high with low spin and high speed and to this end the 328 dimples have sharper edges and steeper sides to provide that extra lift to compensate for the low spin.

As you can see here from my stats on SkyTrak it spun less with the wedge than the other Titleist ball in this price range, the DT TruSoft.

Titleist Velocity 2016 Wedge Test

It also came with a slightly higher flight and this leads to a steeper landing angle, so that is how you will be able to stop it on the green.

Off the driver the results were about the same as the DT TruSoft with a slightly higher flight, but it was around the green where you notice the real difference.

The Velocity felt firmer on chips than the DT TruSoft and even the NXT Tour and Pro V1 with a slightly clickier sound from the two piece design and NaZ2 cover.

Titleist Velocity 2016 Golf Ball

Off the putter it was reasonably soft for a 2 piece ball, but really if you are in this price bracket then the choice is really down to whether you prefer the firmer Velocity or the softer DT TruSoft on the greens as the long game is pretty similar.

Price is going to be a driver here as the Velocity is a good quality ball and if you like something different you can also get it in a new series of double digit numbers 00, 22, 77 and 99 as well as the usual 1 to 4.

The durability from the cover was very good and therefore the 2016 Titleist Velocity is going to offer those with mid to slow swing speeds and a fast closing wallet a good combination of value and performance.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Titleist Velocity 2016 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch01 February 2016
UK Launch RRP£24
USA Launch01 February 2016
Handicap Range
Ball Construction2-Piece
Ball FeelFirm
Colour OptionsWhite
Quantities3, 12
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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User Reviews

S. Mortensen
October 2017

Played Pro V1x for as long as I can remember. I found a Velocity and since I was playing by myself, did a scramble on the final 6 holes to compare. Avg 5 -10 yds longer off the tee with Velocity compared to ProV1x. Both are straight, but Velocity a bit straighter (due to less spin). Couldn't tell much difference in sound or feel from 100+ yds out, but the Velocity went higher and landed softer for me. Probably just because the Velocity had a higher launch and softer landing, essentially just falling straight to the green, whereas for me, the ProVs have a littler lower trajectory and/or often back up when i'm not wanting them to. ProV1x definitely softer on chips, short pitches and putting. Going to give the Velocity another go on my next round.

C Shediac
July 2017

Great ball getting great distance. Used to hit Pro v1.

J. Frankel
June 2017

I love the ball and will have to go on line for purchasing. I tried the Callaway Superhot 70 but it has a different feel and sound that I don't care for.

April 2017

I found one yesterday and played 27 holes with it. I hit very good drives and great second shots with it. I'm a higher handicap guy and I'm going I am 67 years old and I thought 250 yard drives were a thing of the past. This ball gets out there! And the high flight made it stick on the greens. I went and got a box of them I really like them. I give it a 4 star plus.

April 2017

Good ball without the price tag of a ProV1. Soars well allowing good carry and control. I've been using them since their launch with some success.

April 2017

This ball is no longer than any other, and probably shorter than some. Disappointed!

September 2016

For the money, these are the best balls on the market.

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