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The new kid on the Titleist 2016 golf ball block is the DT TruSoft, which replaces the popular DT SoLo.

Titleist DT TruSoft 2016 Golf Ball

The SoLo was loved by many, so the same colour scheme is retained for the box, but the name has been changed to emphasise the soft nature of the ball given the penchant for the word 'soft' in the market today.

However it is more than just a name change as Titleist say the compression of the TruSoft is lower than the SoLo thanks to a new core and cover formulation.

Titleist DT TruSoft 2016 Golf Ball

The aim of this is to reduce spin on longer shots and create more spin on the shorter shots. Compared to the Titleist Velocity, their other ball in this price category, you can see from my stats on SkyTrak that this was the case.

The driver performance, admittedly from a slightly slower average swing speed, saw a 100rpm decline in ball spin.

Titleist DT TruSoft 2016 Driver Test

At around 4 yards per mph, then adding the 3mph difference in club speed would almost equalise the distance so the overall performance will be about the same.

With the wedge there was more of a contrast as the softer TruSoft spun much more thanks to that softer cover. The Velocity is firmer and more of a distance ball so it will spin less and fly higher in order to land steeper so that it stops.

Titleist DT TruSoft 2016 Wedge Test

To be fair my swing speed with a driver is probably too high for either of these balls as there was big performance differences compared to a Titleist Pro V1.

However, if you are in the sub-90mph driver swing speed category then this is when these balls become an option. Soft golf balls as a category are almost the buzz word at the moment and, as I found out when I met Matt Hogge of Titleist, there are many reasons why.

First of all, softness is not about spin or distance, but about feel and the TruSoft will give you lots of that. It is probably the softest feeling Titleist ball around the green and similar to the more expensive NXT Tour S. For some it may not give enough sound feedback when putting and that may depend on the type of putter you are using.

Titleist DT TruSoft 2016 Golf Ball

As always, the best thing to do is take a few out on the chipping and putting green and see if the feel works for you. Then take them out on the course and see if the distance is acceptable and that is your best way of deciding. If it feels too soft then the Velocity would probably be the ball to consider.

Like the NXT Tour S it comes in white and yellow so for some that will be another key selling point. Aside from that, the other main reason for choosing the DT TruSoft is the price. The two piece design helps this and the very good durability of the 376 dimple ionomer cover offers a ball that is good value as well as a good all round performer.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Titleist DT TruSoft 2016 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch27 January 2016
UK Launch RRP£20
USA Launch27 January 2016
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
Ball Construction2-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite, Yellow
Quantities3, 12
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

User Reviews

October 2017

Tried this ball after reading that golfers with slower swing speeds could benefit from a low compression ball. Have previously used Pro V1x exclusively. Was getting tired of being the "shorty" in my regular 4 ball and was about to try the ChromeSoft. Club Pro recommended the Tru Soft. Couldn't believe the gain in distance with my driver. From being consistently 20-30 yards behind the others I was suddenly upsides with them, even after they hit drives which I thought would be miles ahead of me. Also hit the ball very straight. Seems similar around the greens to the V1x although it will take some practice with the putter as the ball comes off the face much softer than the V1x and consequently doesn't go as far. Considering the favourable price difference vs the V1x and the extraordinary distance gain with not just my driver, but also with my fairway wood I will definitely be using this ball from now on.

October 2017

Just tried these for the first time. Can't tell a difference from the Bridgestone I usually play except for the feel. Distance, spin all about the same, however the feel can best be described as that of the old TopFlite tour edition. Feels like butter coming of the club, putts are so soft you literally cannot feel the ball hitting the clubface and its virtually silent. I like this feel and sound - I may have just found a new ball :)

Ralph Schmalph
September 2017

It reminds me of the balata balls I used to play a hundred years ago. With my 90 mph swing speed, it seems to suit me. I think the ball lacks the heavy feel and resistance of the Pro V1 but makes up for it in feel.

David Brown
June 2017

I have used some of these TruSoft balls since they came out. 'Im 68 and have a 9 handicap and a slower 85 MPH swing speed. Lately I have been using E6 Bridgestone's. I found a DT Solo and I got just as good distance as the E6. And the feel off of my irons was very nice. I went today and purchased another dozen DT Trusoft balls. They aren't exactly like the solo, but they are close and really feel nice off of the club head. Anyway, hit em solid and straight .✝️ 😊🏌️⛳️

April 2017

Found a couple of these balls in the rough one day and decided to play with them. Never having heard of them before I was surprised to see how they responded to my driver. At 83 I am not long off the tee so I was really pleased to see that I had gained an average of 20 yards according to my "Game Golf" app. I definitely plan to buy a dozen of these and put them into play when league opens this Tuesday.

March 2017

I have been using these balls since last year. Love them. I am a 10 handicap and 62 years old. I can keep up with the 40 year olds I play with on the drives. Longest drive with this ball 280 yards. Keeps me in quarters in our group. Love the feel off the putter and am seldom short on a put. Keep them coming.

December 2016

9 handicapper. I hit very long which is what keeps my handicap down. Usually my short game sucks. Played a round with these, finished 7 over. Great feel. Lost maybe 20 yards off the tee on driver length holes but hit straight as an arrow consistently, so if you aren't a big hitter that might put you off.

December 2016

I have not been playing long, about 2 years now and with this soft golf ball I tend to feel a lot more than other balls, just been out today and restocked them again.

November 2016

Great ball. Would recommend trying them. Still adjusting to the speed on putts.

October 2016

I bought the trusoft in my pro shop as they were on offer with the club crest on the ball. I preferred the yellow ball for the winter and I was extremely impressed. I have been playing the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft since it was introduced some years ago and the TruSoft is very similar off the tee and around the greens. I am 70 years old now and have been single figures for the last 40 years plus but due to a bout of ill health, I have lost some distance from the tee but this ball has really improved my confidence and ball striking. My short game is very important to me and has kept my handicap low. This ball is terrific round the greens and also from bunkers. The cover is soft but hard wearing. A truly all round good ball. As good as the Pro V1x but at a fraction of the price. Highly recommended.

October 2016

Just bought a dozen yellow Trusoft balls and with a 90+ mph swing, I was driving my typical 250+ yards. Iron shots were nice. Wedges sand, gap and lob have really nice feel. Putter needs a little more push. This is where I feel the "soft" engineering of the ball. I think it'll be a hot seller.

October 2016

73yrs old and tried one today. Drove it the longest I've done in years - excellent ball.

September 2016

I am a 22 handicapper and improving with DT Solo. I do not have a fast swing speed and I have lost around 15/20 yards distance with Titleist DT TruSoft. I desperately need to find a comparable ball to the DT Solo.

July 2016

I am 58 years old with a 12 handicap. Swing speed about 90 mph. Played this ball for the first time today and was very pleased to shoot an 81. Ball has good distance off all clubs. Most difficult adjustment was on the greens as the ball off the putter will take some getting used to. I left about 4-5 putts short which I think I will adjust to. I plan on continuing to use this ball.

July 2016

I recently bought a box of the DT TruSoft and they are fantastic. I'm a 105 mph swing speed with my driver and it flies off the tee and is beautiful as well off the irons.

July 2016

I was trying out a few balls today. The Callaway chrome soft, the Pro V1 and the Velocity. The Velocity was a bit of a let down and distance was down compared to the Callaway Chrome Soft and the Pro V1. I found them harder to shape and it flew off my putter and I'm an AD333 fan. I found a Titleist DT TruSoft and was delighted I did. It was longer on all my clubs and stopped as quick as the Chrome Soft. I'm 45 with 87 mph clubhead speed and an 11 handicap. It maybe suits my swing speed better. I'm going to buy more.

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